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Acadecraft creates engaging video solutions for clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

New and challenging concepts are easy to grasp with video solutions. Videos contain all important and effective communication elements for the learning outcome. However, the education industry doesn't have the inbuilt expertise to produce video content that fits academic learning. It has become the utmost priority for schools and universities to engage learners beating text-heavy content down.

Hence, they approach professional video solution service providers. The professional agencies have trained and experienced instructional designers, video creators, subject matter experts and others. Educating or instructing learners on a specific topic is challenging for clients. But outsourcing agencies take off the technical burden, saving time for the in-house L&D team. Hence, clients quickly focus on the teaching process instead of developing content. The education industry realises the potential of learners’ engagement. Therefore, looking for an experienced and reliable service provider becomes essential.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft delivers customisable e-learning video solutions to clients. Our video creators, subject matter experts, and instructional designers create micro-lectures for effective online courses. We offer customised tutoring videos, tailoring lessons, courses and learning programs. Our specialists compile instructional design with the video production process. We design from scratch. We are strictly against plagiarised content.

Our video solutions are budget-friendly. We help maximise the ROI of clients. We incorporate innovative and accessible methods to develop learning videos for upcoming training series. Our L&D specialists utilise modern microlearning techniques, video, high-quality photographs, voice-over narration, music, 2D and 3D animation to manage video solutions for multiple groups in a flexible manner. Our round the clock availability help clients to connect with us anytime. Our professional support gives clients’ an interactive learning experience that leads to higher learning efficiency.

Types of Video Solutions

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Micro Videos

Acadecraft develops short instructional videos focusing on a single topic. The running duration of the videos is less than a minute. It appeals to the less attention span new-age learners. Acadecraft creates a series of micro-videos that incorporate logical and informative learning chunks.

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Tutorial Videos

Acadecraft leverages instructional methods like direct instruction, quizzing and adding interactive elements in tutorials. We maintain a high video production quality and accomplish the learning goal. We cast subject matter experts who are experienced in subject-specific knowledge.

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Presentation and Lecture Capture

Instructional designers and video create are well-versed with PowerPoint tools. They curate learning presentations using a webcam and a separate microphone. Our team reduces development costs and delivers quality video solutions to clients.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft has multimedia enriched characters that give the best learning outcomes. Following the script, we create live-action animated videos. We have professional studios and the best talent who narrate voices for animated characters.

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Acadecraft revitalises learning programs by using screencasting tools. Here, we produce shareable content compatible across platforms. Our voice-over artists and production team add background music to increase its engagement level.

Our Clients

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Schools and universities in Singapore avail interactive video solutions to boost learning mechanisms. We deliver content filled with instructional videos, soundtracks and high-quality content. We also offer a virtual classroom experience with educational videos.

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E-learning industries worldwide vouch for video solutions to change the habits of new-age learners. We deliver video transcripts that make learning solutions accessible. Leveraging interactive simulations and good compressors makes our solution engaging and short.

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Acadecraft eliminates copyright compliance headaches and costly in-house production costs for publishers through video solutions. Our SMEs develop leading-edge programs that provide a rich, immersive learning experience for the client’s target audience.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft produces high-quality video solutions for different business verticals. We utilise our finest pedagogical tools and resources for the best learning outcome.

First, our project managers assess the client’s requirements. They highlight the required measures for the project. Second, the strategist team prepares the script for video solutions. Instructional designers, video creators and subject matter experts collaborate to make a video. The quality analyst reviews the first draft and corrects the flaws in the video. We also ensure the accessibility and accuracy level of the project.

As a whole, we assess, highlight, script, execute and review before delivery.

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