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Key Issues

Educational institutions seek interactive Q&A assessments to assess the strengths and weaknesses of learners. In-house educators lack expertise in developing quality Q&A assessments. It requires subject-specific knowledge, communicative skills, and easy to understand language for learners. Thus, developing Q/A assessments on their own may result in poor quality, which disengages learners.

Professionals deliver impeccable solutions to severe problems. They have certified subject matter experts across all disciplines. Clients seek to cover all possible problematic questions and provide comprehensive solutions. Therefore, professional Q&A services are a must element of the business plan.

How can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, clients get the optimal Q&A services for challenging and unsolvable queries. Our subject matter experts offer round-the-clock services. We also deliver unlimited access to Q&A solutions at affordable rates. Our certified subject matter experts provide solutions for all academic disciplines. Our educational writers and linguistic experts offer information about their field of expertise.

Our solutions adhere to the education patterns and curriculum standards of Singapore. To make an engaging solution, our specialists utilise high-quality multimedia content, authoring tools, and the latest software. Acadecraft produces assessments for a wide range of learning environments. With us, clients get quality, end-to-end and interactive Q&A solutions. Our helpdesk team caters to different time zone clients. We foresee the higher growth and ROI of clients. Our solutions help clients to gain an extra edge over their competitors.

Types of Q & A Services

Acadecraft has years of experience developing Q&A solutions for clients in Singapore and worldwide. Our experienced developers articulate different learning methodologies to meet the clients' requirements.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Acadecraft develops interactive MCQ questions for the assessment of large classes. Our subject matter experts limit the number of alternatives to minimise the chances of error. We use interactive templates and building tools to deliver optimal solutions.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider in UK
Short Answer Questions

Our professional academic writers and subject matter experts deliver practical solutions for problematic queries. It helps clients create quizzes, tests, and exams for their learners. Our solutions have examples and short answer responses using full sentences and bullet points.

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Essay Questions

The academic experts’ team at Acadecraft writes short answer essays. They have the knowledge and skills to write short-answer articles that help learners pass any examination. We research and include works citation, references, bibliography, and title page to construct reasonable answers.

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Open Book Questions

Acadecraft includes applying practical information and knowledge to curate open book questions. Here, we use drafting tools to identify, make brief notes, and summarize the textbook's concepts. Our specialists incorporate tabular content and index pages to locate relevant sections in the books that clients demand.

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Assignment Questions

Clients rely on Acadecraft to deliver the trickiest assignment questions and answer services solutions. Our optimal solutions earn the trust of clients across Singapore. Here, our tutors find the best solution for the assignment requirements.

Our Clients

Q&A SERVICES provider in UK


E-learning clients in Singapore and worldwide count on Acadecraft to receive interactive Q&A solutions. Clients get accurate queries and answers with visual perception for e-learning programs with us.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider


Acadecraft fulfills the curriculum requirements of schools/universities worldwide. We offer them digital worksheets integrated with high-quality images and graphics. We also facilitate the evaluation process for clients.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider in UK


Acadecraft transforms the publishing industry of Singapore by delivering accurate Q&A solutions. We offer question banks, test series, and study materials for small press and authoring agencies.

Professional Q&A SERVICES provider company

How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we develop customised Q&A solutions, meeting clients' requirements worldwide. Here, we incorporate the latest tools and resources to eradicate linguistic barriers for audiences worldwide.

First, our project manager analyses the client’s requirement and create a blueprint accordingly. Next, the strategist team picks the right services from our portfolio. Then, subject matter experts, academic writers, and the production team collaborate to create Q&A. Finally, the quality analyst reviews the content to ensure its accessibility and quality.

Hence, we analyse, create, pick, collaborate and review before the project’s delivery.

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