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Key Issues

Digital tutoring is booming to impart knowledge and educate the masses. Finding the right mentor for corporates, educational institutions, and enterprises is the trickiest job. Online tutors guide organisations to stay ahead in the competition. They have good communication skills and curriculum knowledge than in-house trainers. Many agencies lack in providing such resources and train learners via interactive methods. The in-house trainers in the organisation feel extra pressure in training learners. Hence, they look out for professional service providers.

The professional tutoring service provider is the one-stop solution that organisations rely on. They deliver training solutions with a flexible approach for accelerated learning outcomes. Professional touch in an organisation training is required to increase fluency and comprehension for workplace communication, articulate and explain the details of a current project or issue. Also, several service providers comprise under-qualified tutors. Inadequate quality training, lack of a specific subject's knowledge and anytime assistance are some issues to overcome. The professional service provider offers one-on-one training specifically designed for business needs to encounter such problems.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an innovative online tutoring service for businesses in Singapore. Our platform comprises experienced and qualified tutors for all academic subjects. They hold a master's degree or PhD and, on average, have twelve years of experience in tutoring. Professional tutoring services are among the best tools to get ahead academically. Acadecraft adheres to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and maintains each client's confidentiality. Our online tutors are a perfect match for university courses, entrance exams and corporate training programs. Their overall academic knowledge maximises the ROI and engages the learner.

Tutor teams offer a range of services from tutoring videos to live one-on-one help, often 24x7. We are relatively inexpensive compared to private tutoring. We have a varied list of online tutors, whether IT or fashion.

Types of Online Tutoring Services

Acadecraft has a pool of certified tutors that deliver goal-oriented results to clients. We have the following range of online tutoring services across all educational levels and subjects.

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Homework Help Tutorials

Acadecraft offers live homework help tutorials to clients in Singapore at affordable prices. Our online tutors have mastery in curating creative content that innovates the teaching pattern. They are always available on regular school days or extended business hours.

Summary Videos

Short and informative content videos improve the training outcomes. Our summary videos are mapped to the curriculum of Singapore for learners to know what learning content they consume. Our videos are compatible with all devices and operating systems.

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Subject Tutorials

Acadecraft offers subject-specific tutoring services to clients in Singapore. We deliver training programs on a particular subject to clients. Thus, it helps learners with an alternative when they need additional help with any subject matter.

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Exam Tutorials

Online tutors at Acadecraft provide training solutions for different exams in Singapore. Our tutors have years of experience teaching for several professional exams. These exam tutorials help many training centres and coaching institutes across the nation.

Our Clients

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Online tutoring by Acadecraft is a valuable learning solution for e-learning agencies. Our tutors utilise artificial intelligence, robust training and pedagogical tools. Thus, it improves the retention power of their target audience.



Schools and universities in Singapore and various nations opt for our online tutoring services. Students receive remote learning support and complete schoolwork from subject matter experts. Our tutoring programs emphasise applying foundational knowledge.


Tutoring Agencies

Our online tutors curate tutoring solutions for private teaching agencies. We offer multilingual services that help international students who are potential consumers of private tutors. With interactive tutoring, learners will learn to take the initiative to do their school work.

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How It Works?

AAt Acadecraft, online tutors provide one-on-one online tutoring services for clients. Our qualified tutors deliver quality solutions that develop the learners' potentiality.

First, we gather all raw materials that clients share. Next, our project manager analyses and creates the blueprint according to the client's requirements. Then, the developer's team finalises the plan and execute it. They ensure that content accuracy is maintained throughout the process. The quality analyst team reviews the project and proofreads it. After their approval, clients get the delivery.

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