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About Our Tutoring and Homework Help Services

With the growth in digital learning, flexibility in courses is becoming crucial. But the professional tutors and professors working in the institutions work for fixed hours in a day only. It gives rise to the need for a 24x7 doubt clearing and homework help mechanism for the client’s learners.

Acadecraft offers all forms of tutoring help services to our client’s institutions. We cover everything from online tutoring to textbook solutions and from Q&A services to chat support. Our clients can customise the services based on their requirements and convenience.

Types of Tutoring and Homework Help Services

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Online Tutoring

Our online tutors schedule their classes according to our client’s schedules. The courses and chapters discussed strictly follow the guidelines given by the clients. And the best part is, you get the services even in native languages, along with the English language.

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Q&A Services

Rest assured that your learners will always get an answer back with Acadecraft’s Q&A services. Our Q & A team give services 24x7. Each question is answered as soon as possible. We ensure punctuality, accuracy, and quality for our Q & A services.

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Chat Support

Provide instant chat support to your learners with Acadecraft’s chat support services. We offer both automated and manual chat support services to our client institutions. We have over 98% accuracy in automated chat support and 99.5% accuracy in manual chat support.

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Flashcards are an excellent tool for quick memorisation and fast revision. Acadecraft develops flashcards for all academic levels. We adjust the layout and design of our flashcards according to our client’s requirements. We deliver chapter wise, subject wise, and course wise flashcards.

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Video Solutions

We offer customised video solutions for 50+ subjects across domains and academic levels. Our tutors gel with the teaching ideologies of the client institution while developing the solution videos. If needed, we localise the videos to provide multilingual services as well.

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Solution Manuals

Our senior subject matter experts develop step-by-step textbook solution manuals for all school, college, and university subjects. We have a track record of maintaining more than 99.9% accuracy in all our textbook solution manuals delivered to date.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft delivers lecture notes and study materials, assessment papers, LMS services, instructional design services, and more!

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ELearning Companies

We deliver learning videos, animated PPTs, explainers, and neatly crafted lesson plans to deliver online lessons effectively.

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Tutorial Homes

The tutorial homes often need customised study materials and assessments. We deliver them regular services with long-term commitment.

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How It Works

For all of us at Acadecraft, our clients come first. And this client-first policy of ours has led to the evolution of our fully customised learning solutions.

So, while starting with any project, we first connect with our clients to discuss their requirements in detail. Once we fully understand the client's needs. We allocate the project to our specialist team. Our experts first go through the requirements thoroughly and do sufficient research. Afterwards, they start working on the project. Once the project is ready, our QC team does a thorough quality check. Once we are 100% sure of the quality, we deliver the project to our clients.

Our clients can reach out to us if they need further help. Our client support executives remain active 24x7.

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