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Acadecraft is a renowned e-learning company that delivers highly researched and extensive test preparation modules to its verified clients.
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Key Issues

An IB program follows a curriculum that is completely based upon the principles of international education. Cracking this exam is quite challenging from the academic point of view and this stresses out the clients who provide training for cracking this exam. Clients often look for service providers who can tailor-made tutorial programs for IB as per their specific requirements. Even some service providers lack technical competencies and do not analyze the updated changes made in the exams, which led them to create old and monotonous sorts of test prep contents.

Clients always look for modules that are interactive so that their learners can engage with them easily and can achieve good academic results. Also, most of the test prep service providers do not have the essential tools and knowledge required for developing quality test prep solutions and modules. They fail to fulfill the objective of acing the learner’s exams. When the client offers any test prep modules to their students, it is their responsibility to solve their issues as soon as possible. This is also one of the prominent issues that the clients deal with as some service providers are unable to serve their clients all time due to differences in the time zones. Thus, it becomes important for the clients to opt for reliable service providers who have experienced professionals and that can guarantee satisfactory services. Moreover, they should keep in mind to look for one that delivers round-the-clock services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Unlike other e-learning service providers, Acadecraft curates test prep modules exclusively with the help of subject matter experts who have gained proficiency in customizing the test prep materials for the IB Diploma program.(Rewrite) They are well aware of the multiple components that should be included in the test prep modules for making it a stellar one. We have a team of subject matter experts, research experts, editors, project managers, and quality analysts who all together work to provide our clients with excellent services that boost their learner’s performance. (rewrite)Our customized test prep modules include mock test papers, practice questions, and the updated syllabus of the IB exam.

What makes our test prep solutions and services stand out from others is that all the modules are being created by our certified experts and these are easily accessible from remote locations. (rewrite) Apart from this, our research analysts are experts in analyzing and identifying what exactly is the requirement of the learners (b2c) so that we can customize the modules accordingly. All the test assessment solutions provided by us are competent, thus it contains quality-verified solutions. All the experts of our Acadecraft team are highly experienced and are proficient in delivering content for the IB test preparation as per global standards. Our services are available round the clock for our clients and we are serving clients in the UK and worldwide.

Types of IB Test Preparation Services

Our specialists at Acadecraft provide a wide range of IB test preparation solutions for clients across the world. We not only customize educational test prep solutions but also combine them with interactive elements thereof.

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Revision Courses

The revision courses that we provide for IB test preparation are undoubtedly the most comprehensive ones. It assists the clients to make their learners revise more and more so that they can get trained easily. These courses are being designed by our Acadecraft experts by keeping in mind the syllabus and question pattern of the IB exams. Clients who make these revision courses available for their learners will help them in gaining confidence in the subject.

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Study Modules

Through our preparatory study modules, you can easily get access to the complete syllabus for your IB exam. These are created based upon these syllabuses for our clients. In order to make the learning visually attractive and understanding the concepts better, we prepare study modules also in the form of video recordings. In fact, we also incorporate diagram-based questions, graph charts, and other things into the learning modules.

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Online Tutoring

At Acadecraft, we have professional mentors who provide online private tutoring to assist the clients with any of the learner’s doubts. As our online mentors provide 24*7 accessibility to its clients, it provides their learners the facility of resolving any of their IB-related queries and questions anytime. They are knowledgeable in their specific subjects which facilitates the learning process. Additionally, for customizing our learning programs, we also offer learning dashboards.

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Textbook Solutions

Acadecraft often provides textbook solutions to its clients for resolving all sorts of IB exam-related queries. All the solutions to the textbook problems mentioned here are discussed in a detailed step-by-step manner. In fact, most of these are published online and thus available in the form of either PDFs as e-books or in the form of hard copies. All these solutions are compatible across various digital platforms.

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Mock Test Solutions

Our team of Acadecraft has professional test planners who deliver high-quality mock test solutions to their clients. These are created extensively by academic writers and they ensure the fact that all their IB mock test solutions are impactful and are in the form of well-formatted texts. Also, our editorial team is composed of native English speakers who deliver test prep contents in the most accurate form.

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Printable Test Prep Solutions

Acadecraft creates high-quality test preparation solutions in the printed form. These learning modules also include diagrams, graphs, and tables. We offer our clients multiple patterns of questions and their answers that are related to the IB exam. For those clients who still seek traditional learning materials, for them, our printable test prep solutions are the best choice.

Our Clients

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Coaching Centres

Various coaching centers of the UK come in collaboration with Acadecraft for delivering high-quality test preparation modules to their clients situated worldwide. The primary reason that they rely upon our customized learning materials is that these are prepared by certified experts who have gained years of experience in creating top-notch IB test preparation content for various disciplines.

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E-learning Platforms

There are many e-learning platforms in the UK that count on Acadecraft for high-quality test preparation modules. Our main focus is to provide engaging lessons to the client’s learners so that they can interact with the lessons and get to learn in a better way. We also include some practice tests and multiple-choice quizzes along with it

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft offers highly advanced test prep solutions to a lot of reputed educational institutions in the UK. These solution manuals that we deliver to our clients also contain a basic assessment and evaluation process. In addition to this, these institutes also help the clients in delivering some additional services for their learners which makes study easier for them.

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How it Works?

Our team of Acadecraft follows a very simplified workflow process while developing top-notch IB test preparation solutions. While doing so, we make sure to deliver our clients optimal learning materials that perfectly align with their objectives.

We begin with understanding and analyzing the project requirements of our clients. As soon as this is done, then our team designs the blueprint which states all the relevant information to be added to the test prep modules. Then under the guidance of our project manager, our subject matter experts begin to write the content for the IB test preparation solutions. After it is written, then our production team hands over the content to the editors for checking and verifying the contents. Also, they try to deliver test prep solutions to the clients in various formats. At last, our quality analysts’ team verifies and reviews the accuracy as well as the accessibility level of the IB test preparation solutions.

Thus, we understand, analyze, design, create, edit and then review the project before finally delivering it to our esteemed clients.

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