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Providing Interactive Test Prep For HPAT Aligning WIth The Syllabus Needs And Curriculum

We are an eLearning company providing HPAT test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

HPAT or Health Professions Admission Test is a medical entrance test accepted by many universities in Ireland. So, clients in the UK aspire to prepare their learners for quality HPAT with high scores. However, unlike many other tests, HPAT does not just test the academic knowledge of learners. They assess the reasoning and interpersonal understanding skills like empathy, problem-solving, and other desirable qualities in health professionals. So, it is not an easy test to pass, and as a result, clients depend on professional test prep services to assist their learners with the preparation process.

However, all test prep services do not have qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and writers to curate optimal test prep solutions so, clients must choose carefully. Also, many lack the technical expertise to develop digital modules for remote and distance learners, which may become an issue for eLearning clients. Lastly, the clients must ensure that their service agency has good customer support and takes on orders round the clock.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading test prep service provider in the UK. We provide certified solutions of different kinds to clients across the education industry. Our experts prepare the HPAT solutions after in-depth research. They are authentic and dependable as certified SMEs having years of experience creating them. Research experts conduct in-depth research regarding the exam pattern and syllabus changes and prepare a report on which the SMEs create questions. As HPAT examines various emotional skills, we create different scenarios where the learners have to make tough decisions and solve problems. These questions enhance the critical thinking and abstract reasoning capabilities of learners. As a result, they become quick thinkers and resolve problems easily. Such problems may be time-consuming so practising our question banks help them better manage their time.

Moreover, we create accurate and interactive study materials that include numerous images, diagrams, and illustrations. They facilitate easy understanding and higher engagement. We also create various 3D and 2D animated videos to explain complex concepts easily. If needed, we provide live and recorded tutoring sessions for clients worldwide. Most importantly, we provide our services 24/7 and deliver on time, irrespective of project size.

Types Of Test Prep Services For HPAT

We create unique learning and test prep modules for our clients. They aim to enhance the learning capacity, concept understanding, and engagement of learners. As a result, clients enjoy higher ROI and reliability.

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Reasoning Tests

We create test prep modules with questions containing graphs, charts, and other illustrative data. Clients use them to test learners' logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities by asking them to draw meaningful conclusions from the data. They mimic the question pattern followed in the actual test.

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Interpersonal Understanding Tests

These test prep modules contain quizzes and scenarios that test the emotional capabilities of learners. The situations may include a conversation based on which the learners have to draw inferences about the character's personalities, and so on. If needed, we create them using simulations and animation too.

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Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests

Here, we include questions that require learners to identify and extrapolate existing patterns within a sequence of data. Clients use them for all their learners or target them towards individuals who are weak in this area. We develop customized questions and deliver in multiple digital and printable formats.

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Mock Tests

We create mock tests that completely mimic the actual exam regarding time duration, question pattern, and exam environment. Our experts create various online mock tests that clients can upload on their LMSs or use our exam portals instead. In both cases, we ensure instant feedback and authentic questions.

Our Clients

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Colleges, universities, and eLearning platforms use our test prep solutions to prepare learners for the HPAT exam. They use our mock tests and study materials to supplement their classroom activities and build a motivated spirit.

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Coaching Centres

Various medical coaching centres provide HPAT test prep. Sometimes they use our modules and online mock tests for instant evaluation tests. The centres also consult our tutors for extra lessons on specific topics, both live and recorded.

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Academic publishers rely on our SMEs and academic writers to create accurate and updated books, manuals, question banks, eBooks, and more. Our artists also assist them through impeccable technical situational medical art solutions.

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How It Works?

We follow a multi-step collaborative approach to ensure complete client satisfaction. It allows us to meet all client needs and deliver on time for all project sizes.

First, we understand the client's test prep requirements. Then, we assign a team best-suited for the project and design a blueprint. Based on it, our SMEs create the content, and designers develop corresponding multimedia elements. Following this, our software experts integrate the content into an interactive module or gamify it if needed. Our quality analysts finally review the modules for accuracy of information and compatibility.

Hence, we understand, assign, design, create, integrate and review before delivery.

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