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Key Issues

Most universities in the UK, including Oxford, accepts LNAT scores, but Cambridge does not. They have their own test called the Cambridge Law Test (CLT). It is a one-hour long pen and paper test. It assesses the legal knowledge, logical reasoning, critical thinking, analysing, writing and persuasive abilities of learners. So clients struggle to provide holistic preparation help to their learners.

Many believe that their in-house faculty is enough to address CLT concerns, but it is not. They can explain legal concepts and provide textbook solutions, but preparing learners for the CLT requires a specialised approach. Hence, outsourcing them is the best option for clients. But all test prep service providers are not equally qualified, so one must carefully choose. Of all eLearning companies, only a few have SMEs from legal backgrounds. Also, even if they do have experts, they may not have an in-depth idea about CLT. So, to provide optimal test prep, the team must also include research analysts. They can effectively design solutions as per the test requirements. But most agencies do not have them. Besides, timely delivery and multiple format availability is also a must. It helps clients to cater to learners worldwide. So, the eLearning company must avoid all these issues to ensure optimal test prep solutions.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning platform in the UK. So, we house the best SMEs, academic writers and research analysts in the industry. Together they examine the CLT requirements and design various test prep solutions. They customise every service as per the exam pattern, target audience and client needs. In addition, we also have software experts who integrate all test prep modules into LMSs and mobile apps. They are capable enough to include videos, audio lectures, flashcards, images and other interactive elements. So, all our test prep is highly engaging and productive. We also provide printable solutions because it is a pen and paper test, and some learners prefer to highlight essential points while learning. Thus, our solutions enhance the ROI, results and learner understanding of all our clients.

Moreover, we follow a collaborative workflow that guarantees high-quality results on time. So, customers across the education sector rely on us. Our customer service team provides 24/7 support to ensure project completion, solve queries, and address reworks.

Types Of Test Prep Services For CLT

We prepare all our test prep modules after exhaustive research to guarantee better results. So, clients worldwide use our wide range of services to assist their learners.

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Question Banks

Learners have to answer one out of three questions, but to enhance their prospects it is better to know all three and choose the best to write. So we provide question banks that include multiple questions of various types. They comprise essay writing, situational questions and analytical problems. We ensure to adhere to the syllabus and exam patterns at all times.

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Essay Questions

These are for clients who wish to train their learners on specific question types. Learners discuss and present their arguments on the various essay questions that include various legal statements. So, they enhance the writing skills, structuring abilities and reasoning skills. We also provide answers, so learners quickly refer them for better understanding.

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Problem Questions

In our problem question modules, we provide various legal scenarios. Clients use them to build problem identification and solving skills in their learners. Also, they learn to decide which law is more applicable in a particular scenario and write accordingly. It develops logical thinking, and decision making and persuasive skills as well.

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Comprehensive Questions

Here, our SMEs and academic writers carefully select passages from famous or recent judgments. Clients use them to provide their learners with court situations, which learners must examine and summarise accordingly. So, it develops their understanding abilities, argumentative writing skills, reasoning and critical thinking abilities.

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Mock Tests

Acadecraft designs structured and well-researched mock tests for CLT preparation. They are accurately timed and include questions with the desired vocabulary and difficulty level. So, clients train their learners to the exam environment before the actual test. It builds confidence and develops time management skills.

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Online Tutors

We have numerous online tutors with a legal education background. They are well-versed with the standards and question patterns of CLT and provide lessons for all essential concepts. Also, they provide both one-on-one and group tutorials. If needed, we also have multilingual tutors who can explain concepts in the native language.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft has been a trusted partner for most eLearning companies in the UK and worldwide. They use our test prep modules because they are interactive, engaging and accurate. Also, we deliver them in formats that are compatible across all devices.

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Further education schools and colleges often seek professional test prep help for CLT. Our solutions help because we arrange them into small modules that perfectly complement the regular academic classes. We provide both printable and digital content.

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Clients from the coaching industry use our modules to deliver CLT preparation to their customers. They favour our content because certified experts prepare them, and we always provide updated information. Our tutors offer lessons to their learners if needed.

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How It Works?

The team at Acadecraft always delivers quality test prep solutions. To maintain on-time delivery of solutions, we follow a carefully strategised workflow.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their needs. Then, depending on the client's target audience, LMS and learning goals, we design a blueprint of the services required. Next, our team develops the test modules based on the blueprint, which our software experts convert into printable or digital formats. Finally, our quality analysts review the content for accuracy and accessibility issues.

Hence, we collaborate, understand, design, develop, convert and review before delivery.

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