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We are a leading eLearning company delivering customised test prep solutions for GMAT & GRE to all our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Business schools in UK are now open to candidates without a business background as well. So, they have started accepting both GMAT & GRE scores for admission purposes. Educational clients now look for services that can devise content for both tests. It is because the chances of selection are higher when the learner prepares for both exams.

Professional test prep services deliver a wide range of content on time. But not all agencies have the expertise to do so. Some do not have qualified SMEs, while others lack the technical expertise. Technical knowledge is essential because their services must reach clients. Clients must look for the agencies or company that can offer customized and accurate test prep solutions for GMAT & GRE.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is leading eLearning company in UK with expertise in delivering the best test prep solutions effortlessly. We have an experienced and skilled team of SMEs and exam experts who create errorless study materials for our clients. They create effective test prep modules for clients who wish to assist their learners with GRE & GMAT exams. Our test prep modules are highly effective because we construct them after extensive research. They contain questions as per the exam pattern and include every topic in the syllabus.

The test prep modules designed by us help clients build a reliable brand image. Certified professionals create our content, which makes them more credible.Our experts align the modules as per the target audience, their weaknesses and preferences. Acadecraft delivers optimal test prep solutions to clients 24/7.

Types of Test Prep Services For GMAT & GRE

We offer different types of test prep materials in accordance with the questions asked in the GMAT & GREs. So, we provide a holistic learning experience for clients worldwide.

Professional GMAT test preparation service
Analytical Writing Tests

We design analytical test modules for learners to practice. The test matches the standard followed in GMAT & GREs. So, clients use our tests to assess their learners’ ability to articulate complex concepts, evaluate arguments and make decisions.

Professional GMAT test preparation service provider
Analytical Reasoning Tests

Our analytical reasoning tests helps clients to assist GRE aspirants in improving their comprehensions skills. Clients use these modules to determine their learners’ ability to identify crucial information, apply logic and notice patterns. They test critical thinking capabilities.

Professional GMAT test preparation service in UK
Quantitative Tests

Acadecraft’s quantitative test models include basic mathematical skills. They test the aspirant’s problem solving, quantitative comparison and data analysis capabilities. We time code the tests, so clients use them to help their learners’ develop speed and accuracy.

Professional GMAT test preparation service company
Verbal Tests

Our verbal test modules assess learners’ evaluation and analysing capabilities. So, we include text completion exercises, sentence equivalence assignments and comprehensions. Clients provide these to learners so that they can develop their reading skills and vocabulary.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft offers test prep solutions for GMAT & GREs for several eLearning clients. We include interactive elements like graphics, audio-visuals and more.

Affordable GMAT test preparation service


Schools and colleges use our SMAT & GRE test prep solutions to prepare aspirants. We offer modules for all question types and provide them in printable formats as well.

GMAT test preparation service

Coaching Institutes

Acadecraft provides both in-class and online learning materials to coaching institutes. Clients that deliver GRE & GMAT coaching services use our modules because certified experts prepare them.

GMAT test preparation service in UK

How It Works?

Acadecraft creates inclusive test prep solutions for GMAT & GREs for clients in the UK. Besides, our modules always adhere to the exam pattern and include all changes.

First, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of all the different types of test prep services they need. Our SMEs then prepare the test solutions, which our technical experts transform into online modules of various formats. Finally, our quality analysts review the test prep material for accuracy and accessibility.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, prepare, transform and review before delivery.

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