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We are an eLearning company providing CISI test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

CISI exams are a set of qualifications designed to test learners' competence aspiring to enter the financial services sector. People can build careers in Operations, Compliance/Risk, Wealth Management, Capital Markets/Corporate Finance, Financial Planning and much more. The qualifications are recognized by the world's major financial institutions and wealth management firms. This has led to intense competition and the growth of numerous test prep centres in the market.

However, all service providers are not equally capable because this is a professional qualification test requiring highly qualified experts. But most agencies do not have experienced Subject Matter Experts having at least a Master's degree in Finance or professional experience in the industry. Also, the CISI exams are computer-based tests containing Multiple Choice Questions. So, clients must partner with agencies with the technical expertise to create online Q&A modules of the same format. Lastly, clients must ensure that the service providers are available 24/7 and deliver on time.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a trusted test prep service providing study help for multiple exams held in the UK and worldwide. We create test prep materials and solutions for the different entry-level, post graduate, and diploma-level exams conducted by the CISI. Our team includes highly qualified SMEs whom experienced research analysts assist. They monitor last year's question papers, observe patterns, and devise authentic content that adheres to the syllabus standards. CISI tests can be very diverse and advanced so, we ensure to scrutinize every question and concept description included in the modules. We create them in Russian and English languages as these two languages are the mediums for the exams.

Moreover, we create detailed schedules for concept understanding, tests, revision, and doubt clearing. Apart from SMEs, we have online tutors providing various live and recorded tutorials. Clients can choose to assign a tutor for one subject, paper, or for the entire exam. They use interactive tools and content to make learning interesting and use relatable examples that are culturally significant. So, we mostly deploy tutors that belong to the same nationality as the target audience. Finance is a dynamic sector, so we regularly update our test prep materials and deliver on time, irrespective of project size.

Types of CISI Test Prep Services

CISI covers a range of Financial realms so, we create effective test prep for all of them. Clients use our services to boost learners' learning capacity, confidence, and understanding across various professional domains. They may use it to train their employees or learners for an advanced career position.

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Study Materials

The highly qualified SMEs create interactive study materials, including tabular data, charts, diagrams, images, and more. We create them in English and Russian, but if needed, we localize them in other languages. Our experts include accurate and updated content, and our proofreader ensures that it is error-free and easy to understand.

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Mock Tests

Clients use our mock tests to familiarize their learners with the one-hour computer based test where they have to attempt 50 MCQs. It is tricky to manage time as there is a very narrow window, so learners gain confidence by solving more mock test papers. Clients host them in their LMSs or use our online test portals to organize tests remotely.

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Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are crucial for clients who want to train their applicants on a specific topic or domain. We have tutors for every financial sector like Operations, Compliance/Risk, Wealth Management, Capital Markets/Corporate Finance, and Financial Planning. Our tutors provide live sessions, clear doubts, provide interactive learning methods, and more.

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Group Study Modules

Organizations often require group study modules when they specifically train their employees for a common exam. Together the learners solve questions, discuss answers, and attend mock tests. It develops a sense of competition and also motivates them to learn faster. Learning in groups can be fun and a lot more productive as opposed to studying alone.

Our Clients

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Our online test prep materials, tutors, and mock tests are beneficial to eLEarning platforms providing courses in the topics covered in the CISI exams. The modules are accurate, interactive, and compatible with various LMSs, applications, and devices.

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Sometimes schools, colleges, and universities supplement classroom learning with our test prep modules to benefit CISI aspirants early. They use our study materials in printed and eBooks formats for their classroom and distance learners.

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Various financial institutes and organizations use our test prep services to enhance the qualifications of their employees. It enables their workforce to attempt for higher positions within the company and meet various internationally accepted standards.

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How it Works?

At Acadecraft, we demonstrate the talent of our specialists through well-crafted and accurate test prep materials. We also provide software support to many organizations.

First, we collaborate with the client to understand their requirements. Then, based on their preferences and learning mode, we design a blueprint previewing the different possible services. Following this, a team of SMEs, writers, and designers create interactive content for the test prep modules. Next, our software experts integrate all the content materials into compatible online and offline modules, which our quality analyst team reviews for accuracy before delivering.

Hence, we understand, design, create, incorporate, and review before delivery.

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