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Offering Highly Researched Contents for the Preparation of the ACCA Exams

Acadecraft is a popular e-learning organization that serves the academic needs of clients by providing them ACCA test prep modules.
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Key Issues

The ACCA course curriculum is extensively planned, so there is a crucial need that the learning materials should be provided to the learners in a lucid language so that they can get a better understanding of the tough financial concepts being discussed. Sometimes, the clients opt for an inexperienced service provider that fails to understand the diverse requirements of the learners, so create learning modules in a hi-flared language. Another critical issue to acknowledge is that often the clients choose service providers that do not offer comprehensive services for ACCA. In fact, most of them are not aware of the updated syllabus of the ACCA exam. So, they prepare modules that seem unsatisfactory for the learners.

Apart from this, there are some services providers that do not have relevant SMEs for the various disciplines, so the contents that they curate are often irrelevant and it lacks the explanation of some critical points. However, they also lack in doing extensive research work before creating any preparation modules for the test. This led the clients to look for well-experienced service providers who can curate appropriate content for the ACCA learners. They search for reliable service providers who can also deliver their learners a practical insight into the entire syllabus of the ACCA course.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is an approved e-learning organization that provides high-quality test preparation content for clearing the ACCA exam. We are proud to assist our learning partners with top-class learning modules and live courses for the ACCA preparation of their learners. Our services are available both in online and offline mode, so the clients can avail any of these as per their requirements. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced subject matter experts, research experts, editors, and quality analysts who are proficient in their respective disciplines.

What makes us stand out from other service providers is that we create the test preparation modules only after doing extensive research work and carefully analyzing the syllabus. Also, we curate the modules in strict compliance with the standard and guidelines of the ACCA exam. Another advantage of availing our services is that we offer our clients some predictable question papers analyzed using the previous year’s question papers. Moreover, our services are 24*7 available for our clients and we also offer timely delivery of the test-prep services.

Types of ACCA Test Preparation Services

Acadecraft offers its clients instant access to a wide range of academic services that help them to prepare their learners for the ACCA exams.

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Live Tuition Sessions

At Acadecraft, we have specialist mentors who have been teaching for ACCA exams for years. Thus, they have gained relevant experience in providing the learners with the best possible preparations for their exams. The clients also get the recordings of these tutoring sessions for easy accessibility of the learners in making notes. Thus, we offer dedicated tutoring support.

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Revision Packages

With our revision packages from Acadecraft, you can easily tune your learner’s knowledge as they are provided with a series of HD quality lectures conducted by award-winning mentors. This package includes digital learning modules, revision kits and provides you with an opportunity to connect with the global community of teachers and students of ACCA via the digital platform.

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Rehearsal Courses

Our experienced subject matter experts at Acadecraft curate this rehearsal course for providing the clients with the real-time feedback of their learners. This course helps in accessing the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the learners. It ultimately assists the clients in improving their final preparation for the ACCA exam through the customized learning process.

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Mock Tests

At Acadecraft, we have certified test planners who are experienced in designing mock tests for the learners preparing for ACCA exams. The mock tests contain questions completely based upon the ACCA syllabus and follow the same question patterns. We customize mock tests as per the specific budget and requirements of the clients.

Our Clients

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Educational Centres

Many educational centers in the UK that provide financial education often utilize the study materials created by Acadecraft for providing effective learning to their students. They also often ask us for a detailed analysis report on creating quality content and some preparation strategies that work wonders for their learners.

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Financial Companies

Acadecraft offers expert guidance and learning modules to various financial organizations of the UK which provides preparation for the ACCA exam. They also utilize our live mentoring sessions and rehearsal courses for offering their learners a comprehensive learning package.

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E-Learning Sector

Many clients who own e-learning platforms in the UK or work in this sector come and collaborate with Acadecraft for using their high-quality ACCA test preparation modules. They rely on us because of our quality content and extreme professionalism. Another reason for utilizing our test and learning modules is that they are created by certified experts and tutors.

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How it Works?

Our team at Acadecraft follows a seamless process of creating excellent ACCA test preparation content for the learners of our clients. The process involves:

As soon as you place an order with us, our project manager comes in contact with the clients to know their requirements. On the basis of that, we design a blueprint which details their specifications. Thereafter, our project manager assigns the task to the respective SMEs and other experts. They create effective test prep modules for ACCA and in the meantime communicate with the clients for any changes. During the process, they also conduct some assessment and tutoring sessions as per the specific time of the clients. The clients have the authority to provide suggestions during the designing process for any sort of customizations if they need them. Prior to the contents being ready to be published, it is being passed on to our team of quality analysts. They check and ensure that the modules are completely free from errors.

Thus, we communicate, understand, design, create, edit, check and after that deliver to our clients.

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