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We are an eLearning company providing IELTS test prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

IELTS is a standard English language test, and thousands of universities, employers, and immigration bodies worldwide accept its score. It becomes an essential qualification for people aspiring to start a career or academic journey in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and more. The test is relatively simple, but for non-native speakers, it is a challenge as it tests all the features of a language; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. So, clients rely on professional test prep services for expert guidance and material help.

However, all service providers are not equally qualified because many lack the Subject matter Experts (SMEs) familiar with the exam pattern and standards. They also do not have specialists to create interactive study modules in digital formats like video lessons, audiobooks, animated PPTs, and more. Also, the agencies must deliver on time to ensure that learners receive high-quality test prep before the actual test date.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning service in the UK, providing numerous academic solutions to clients. Our test prep services are the best in the industry regarding reliability, effectiveness, and accessibility. Our team includes some of the most talented and qualified SMEs experienced in crafting unique test prep materials for IELTS. Research experts conducting a thorough study of the existing exam trends, syllabus changes, and probable questions assist the SMEs. So, our test prep solutions are constantly updated. The team includes videographers, animation experts, illustrators, artists, graphic designers, and software experts. They create authentic infographics, images, and videos to make learning engaging and interactive. The software experts develop online learning materials that include gamification elements like rewards, leaderboards, levels, and more. eLearning clients use them to motivate learners and build a competitive spirit in them.

Moreover, our modules are highly accessible as we create them in both printable and digital formats. Learners can access them using any device like PC, iPhone, Android, or tablet. So, remote learning and mobile learning modules can easily integrate our solutions. Most importantly, sour services are available round-the-clock, and we assist clients worldwide. We deliver on time, irrespective of project size, budget, and deadline.

Types of IELTS Test Prep Services

Our test prep modules include a range of study materials and preparation tips that clients can access as a whole or as individual services. The solutions boost the confidence of learners and enhance the visibility of client institutes.

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Listening Tests

We conduct multiple listening tests for learners to get adapted to the test pattern and standard. The tests include four recordings like in the main exam. We include questions like matching, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), note-taking, diagram labelling, summary or table formation, sentence completion, short answers, and more.

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Reading Tests

Reading is a crucial part of IELTS, where they test the pronunciation and fluency of the applicant. So, we create reading tests that clients use to test the gist reading, ideation, detail analysis, skimming, logical understanding, and other capabilities of learners. The questions include MCQs, identifying writers' views, understanding claims, matching heading, and more.

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Writing Tests

There is a certain standard and pattern that applicants must follow while writing answers in the IELTS. We create writing tests that include two types of assignments. As per the IELTS syllabus requirements, we formulate visual description questions and essays in response to an argument, perception, or problem. The tests help learners practice writing skills effectively.

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Speaking Tests

The speaking test takes up a maximum of 15 minutes, but it is a deciding factor in many cases. So, we provide live tutoring and mentoring sessions where our experts teach learners to introduce themselves better, speak confidently, be clear and precise, and much more. We also suggest a list of topics that examiners may ask applicants to speak about on the actual exam day.

Our Clients

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We provide eLearning test prep solutions to online learning platforms. The solutions include video materials, audiobooks, live sessions, discussion panels, gamified quizzes, online tests, and much more. All solutions are highly accessible and practical.

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Colleges and universities in the UK use our IELTS test prep to prepare native and non-native English speakers for higher education. We provide online and offline solutions to assist in classroom and distance learning settings worldwide.

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We offer a range of test prep solutions to our publishing clients in the form of question banks, study help, solution manual, past years solved questions, and more. The solutions are validated and designed to achieve maximum output affordably.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our experts strive to create impactful test prep solutions for clients worldwide. The solutions facilitate the positive growth of the clients in terms of service recognition and ROI.

First, we understand the client's requirements and assign a team depending on the service needs. The team then designs a blueprint previewing the services, based on which our SMEs create the content. Then, our designers and artists develop interactive multimedia elements like images, video lectures, audio recordings, gamification, and more. Following this, our software experts integrate all the content to formulate a specific test prep module. Finally, our quality analysts review the modules for accuracy, accessibility, and compatibility.

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