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Reliable And Interactive Test Prep Solutions For Education Clients In The UK

We are an eLearning company providing ACT prep to valued clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The ACT is often considered an alternative to the SAT because American and Canadian universities accept the scores of both the tests for various undergraduate programmes. Schools in the UK have learners aspiring to enrol in American universities after completing their A-levels or Year 12. So, UK clients try to provide the best test prep help to their learners, but it is not easy as it is quite different from the British exams. So, they approach professional test prep service providers for support.

However, the client must be aware of certain features before signing with an agency to avoid any issues in the future. The company must have qualified SMEs for every subject required in the ACT. They should deploy qualified academic writers, ensuring that their content meets all accuracy and accessibility standards. Clients must also reassure that the agency can deliver projects on time and offer 24/7 client support.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We are one of the leading test prep services in the UK. Along with the native tests of the UK, we provide services for various foreign tests as well. Our ACT prep services include online tutorials, learning materials, software support, mock tests, and more. Experienced SMEs prepare the content of each after in-depth research and cross-validation. Our research experts are well aware of the syllabus needs, curriculum specifications, and assessment criteria. The content reflects authenticity and quality at all times. We ensure that the study modules are delivered on time and include multiple interactive features. Our graphic designers and artists include images, illustrations, infographics, charts, and other elements to engage learners. We also have gamification and UX/UI experts designing innovative gamification modules containing interactive quizzes and assignments that provide instant feedback.

Moreover, we have online tutors assisting clients if and when they need teaching services. They may conduct live sessions or record their lectures for future use. We employ experts who can explain in the target audience’s native language for a better conceptual understanding. All our services focus on learner understanding, engagement, and productivity. Clients can connect with us anytime from anywhere as our customer service team is available 24/7.

Types of ACT Test Prep Services

We provide unique test prep solutions to clients with different needs and objectives. The solutions are affordable, accurate, and customizable.

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Printable Materials

We create multiple test prep materials for schools and colleges that they can print out and distribute among learners as a part of their classwork. They contain accurate content and validated test questions that adhere to all syllabus needs.

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Online Q & As

We create online question and answer modules for eLearning platforms and exam preparation centres. They integrate them into their LMSs or use our exam portal to conduct online assessments that may be subject or concept-specific.

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Mock Tests

ACTs are unique and new for many. So, we create numerous mock tests containing authentic questions and design them like the actual tests. They are time-coded and include all the online test tools provided in the exam centre.

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Learning Material

We have qualified SMEs for all subjects required in the ACT exam. They prepare accurate modules containing audio lessons, video lectures, books, eBooks, manuals, and more. The materials are refreshed periodically to include updated content.

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Full-Length Tests

These tests contain the exact number of questions for each subject asked in the ACT exam. But these are not timed, so clients use them to allow learners to learn at their own pace. By practising multiple times, they gradually learn to manage time.

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Subject-Specific Tests

As ACT involves multiple subjects, we provide various subject-centric tests as well. Clients mostly use them to assist learners who are weak in a particular subject. They contain questions that adhere to the syllabus and quality standards of ACT.

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Group Study Sessions

Sometimes online learning centres wish to integrate group learning sessions to instil a sense of competition and motivate their learners to learn better. The sessions include discussion forums, instant feedback, online tests, live tutorials, and much more.

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Online Tutorials

Our experienced tutors provide various live and recorded lectures on multiple subjects and topics. The tutors use different communication mediums and chatting platforms to deliver lectures and conduct doubt-clearing sessions for learners worldwide.

Our Clients

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eLearning platforms use our online tests, discussion platforms, LMSs, and online tutorials to enhance lesson delivery processes and learning standards. We provide affordable solutions in multiple formats and languages.

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Schools, colleges, and coaching centres rely on our tailor-made test prep solutions to provide better learning modules and exam help to their learners. The materials are accurate, validated, and compatible with multiple devices.

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Academic publishers satisfy the growing demand for ACT materials with the help of SMEs and academic writers of Acadecraft. They create authentic solutions and study materials for all subjects and topics included in the ACT.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft strives to create reliable ACT prep solutions for clients having different budgets and deadlines. We follow a tested workflow to ensure the timely delivery of projects of all sizes.

First, we understand the client needs and assemble a team of specialists. They design a blueprint of all the different types of services to be included. The SMEs then create the content for the modules, and designers develop various interactive elements. Then, our software experts integrate the content into gamification, eLearning, or printable modules. Finally, the quality analysts review the modules for accuracy and relevance.

Hence, we understand, assemble, design, create, develop, integrate, review, and deliver.

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