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About Our Test Prep Services

Higher education in any field demands special knowledge and skills. But clients often struggle to better prepare their learners for advanced studies, It is mainly because of low-quality test prep. Unlike regular academic exams, entrance exams are more challenging. So, they require special preparation and content.

As a leading eLearning company, Acadecraft has qualified SMEs, academic writers and research analysts. So, they create updated and easy-to-understand test prep content for various UK entrance exams. Moreover, our test prep modules and services are compatible across all devices. So, clients reach learners located in remote parts of the world. We incorporate various interactive elements in our test prep solutions. They include gamified quizzes, video lessons, live tutorials, virtual instructors, graphic-integrated notes and more. Hence, we guarantee higher success rates and improved ROI to all our clients.

We provide round-the-clock assistance to our clients across the educational industry. Apart from content, we also provide tutors, mock tests, and other test prep related assistance. So, clients worldwide rely on our test prep services for better results.

Types Of Test Prep Services

Acadecraft develops customised test prep solutions for clients worldwide. We have a widely experienced team. So, we deliver a range of test prep services to meet the needs of all exam types.

NGSS & STEM higher education assessment development services

Acadecraft designs test prep content for SAT exams. It is based on the different focus areas and learning approaches of learners. We curate them to evaluate students' critical thinking skills and competencies across several concepts. Moreover, the modules include instant feedback for clients to keep track of their learners' progress.

Technology Enhancement Item Development item writing service provider company

We create effective test prop modules for clients who assist with GRE & GMAT exams. Our test prep modules are a result of extensive research. The questions follow the exam pattern and syllabus. Hence, our modules help clients build a reliable brand image and trust.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Services

Acadecraft has experienced linguists, SMEs, academic writers and research analysts. Together, they create the best test prep solutions. We develop online and offline test prep content for MATs. So, they are accessible from anywhere and compatible across all devices. We include the latest syllabus changes and question patterns.

Psychometric Assessments higher education assessment development services

Acadecraft is a leading test prep service provider in the UK for LNATs. We create practise questions, mock tests, tutoring sessions, eBooks and textbook solutions. Also, we customise our services as per the client's needs, budget and target audience. Our services are available in multiple languages.

4C Assessment Services item writing service provider company

We develop GAMSAT prep solutions in various digital formats. They include mp4, PDFs, EPUBs and more. Also, we integrate images, charts, and graphics to make learning more engaging. Our test prep services include mock tests, concept materials, online tutorials and consultations. In addition, we adhere to the syllabus specifications at all times.

Item Banking Assessment Development Services

Acadecraft delivers the industry's best BMAT prep services. Along with practice notes and mock tests, we also provide learning content. The content includes all the scientific concepts and experiments prescribed in the BMAT syllabus. We also incorporate various assessments and feedback mechanisms in our modules.

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E learning item writing service


We provide test prep solutions to various eLearning companies. They use our services because certified experts create our solutions. The modules are available in multiple digital formats and languages. We deliver on time to clients worldwide.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Colleges use our test prep solutions to help learners attend the universities they desire. They use our solutions because it facilitates both in-class and online preparation. Our tests and study materials always adhere to the syllabus requirements and question patterns.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service

Coaching Institutes

Acadecraft provides a range of test prep solutions to coaching institutes. We provide quick and effective test prep materials to help clients guide their learners better. Moreover, we also provide online tutors who deliver lessons on any concept required.

process Assessment Development Services

How It Works?

Acadecraft provides numerous high-quality test prep solutions to clients in the UK and worldwide. Therefore, we guarantee higher success rates and learner engagement.

Initially, we connect to the client and understand their requirements. Next, we design a blueprint of all the different test prep services they require. Then, our team prepares the content, which our technical experts integrate into clients' online LMSs and platforms. Finally, our quality analysts review the solutions for accuracy of information and language.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, prepare, integrate and review before delivery.

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