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Key Issues

Designing a new course requires various experts from the L&D team: instructional designers, project managers, and subject matter experts (SMEs).

SMEs play a very important role in creating a top-notch module. However, with the mushroom growth of SMEs, it’s difficult to get in touch with the experts. Many SMEs today fail to understand the target audience and generate quality content. SMEs must customise content based on the requirements of businesses and their target audience. Moreover, SMEs should be a guiding force to people working on a project. They must make content accessible to users.

Finding such quality SMEs isn’t a problem anymore!

At Acadecraft, we ensure to meet the professional objectives of clients. We have a pool of qualified and talented subject matter experts with years of knowledge in their respective disciplines—our professional SMEs legwork for agencies who don't have an in-house learning team.

Skills of Subject Matter Experts

Acadecraft offers subject matter experts who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective domains.

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Acadecraft’s subject matter experts create high-quality content for clients. The essential skills of our subject matter experts include:

  • Excellent analytical skills along with in-depth knowledge and expertise
  • Extensive education and training procedure
  • Mapping the Path from Training Goal to Content
  • Developing New Materials for the Clients
  • Aligning Content to Organisation’s Growth ad Development

Subject Matter Experts at Acadecraft

Subject Matter Experts at Acadecraft are accomplished and experienced. They come from academic, technical, and vocational fields to deliver top-notch e-learning services to businesses. Our SMEs play a major role in designing education and training material for every client. Our SMEs are specialised and ensure accuracy in facts and technical details of the content. We hire SMEs with experience to deliver quality work within a stipulated period. We have a skilled SME team for academic, technological, and industrial subjects. SMEs at Acadecraft develop personalised and easily accessible content after in-depth research. These experts are proficient and work on designing training modules, manuals, courses, and assessments. The subject matter experts at Acadecraft select objectives depending on the target audience and create content according to the requirements. They review the final product to ensure the content is 100% plagiarism free and meets the audience's expectations.

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