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We are the Real Architects of the E-learning Modules.

Acadecraft’s team of instructional designers provides quality modules to our valued customers.
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Key Issues

Instructional designing makes e-learning effective and engaging for learners. Learning developers seek professional services to create effective learning packages. Instructional designers target learning goals by designing according to the curriculum. They curate relevant content by collaborating with subject-matter experts. Utilising multiple resources provides learners with comprehensive learning solutions.

The instructional designers rely on the best learning solutions and tools. The instructional designers must not be restricted to online training. The designers must create learning courses aligning with the business goals and requirements. Moreover, providers must incorporate instructional design and development activities based on traditional learning models. If clients want to make the learning experience effective, they must follow the scenario-based, motivational design, and immersive learning modules.

Skills of Instructional Designers

Acadecraft’s instructional designers have years of experience. We align the designs with the client’s professional objectives irrespective of the learning domain. Our instructional designers ensure to deliver requirements on time.

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Our instructional designers have:

  • Knowledge of multimedia design
  • Qualification in advanced training education
  • Vital technological skills to create interactive modules
  • Research abilities
  • Comfortable communication with a wide range of clients and customers
  • Good time management skills to handle multiple projects
  • Creativity and analytical thinking
  • Highly engaging content

Instructional Designers at Acadecraft

Instructional designs by Acadecraft align with the learning objectives of clients. Being a global leader in instructional designing services, we follow a holistic approach to designing learning solutions. Designers develop unique and creative learning models that meet the requirements of the new-age learners. Specialists improve the efficiency in the development process, providing the desired result. At Acadecraft, instructional designers follow design activities on the AGILE, ADDIE, and SAM models and analyse, design, and provide content according to the designing framework. Our designed solutions are compatible with different learning management systems (LMS). They always devote themselves to problem-solving and developing new strategies to meet learners’ goals. Instructional designers use the latest tools like photo editing, programming language, and database to create open courses.

Specialising in innovation, we differentiate ourselves from amateurs. Clients worldwide count on us for effective service delivery 24/7.

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