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We Convert Word, PDF, And Other Formats to HTML/XML

Acaderaft offers quality HTML/XML conversion services to valued clients all over the world.
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Key Issues

HTML and XML markup languages help universal structuring, storage, presentation, transmission, and content sharing on and off the web. It is compatible with Java and is completely portable. Programmers worldwide prefer to work with HTML or XML markup languages. However, several businesses are stuck with older data formats like SGML.

It is necessary to implement the HTML/XML conversion. However, all outsourcing agencies are not equally reliable. Many use automated online software, which results in inaccurate and unorganised conversions. Some others do have the required manual expertise but lack basic service features. They do not deliver on time, convert limited formats, serve local clients only, or charge excessively high. Therefore, clients must avoid these issues while hiring any conversion service.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading content management company in Singapore. We have qualified technical experts who provide top-class HTML/XML conversions at all times. They handle large volumes of content in various formats like Text, Doc, PDF, Access, RTF, TIFF, CSV, SGML, Printed Content, JPEG, and GIF/PNG. Our experts convert all the data to the latest versions and ensure a smoother storage ad presentation of information. Our conversions streamline document management services for clients across all industry sectors. Using our conversion services, they build more interactive websites and reliable databases. All our services suit the client’s business needs. Although XML and XHTML are the latest versions, we also provide HTML conversions as some systems function better in HTML.

Moreover, we convert content across all academic, legal, financial, and more genres. In the case of printed material, we scan the documents using OCR technology and then convert them. Hence, we have a solution for every format. Besides, we ensure total confidentiality of all the client's data with us. Our conversions meet all quality standards and compliances. Thus, we enhance clients' reliability, user engagement, and ROI worldwide.

Types of HTML/XML Conversion Services

Acadecraft offers HTML/ XML conversion services for every type of document. We strictly follow all the latest trends and guidelines during the entire process. Acadecraft offers various kinds of HTML/XML services.

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Word to HTML/XML

For quicker access and smoother presentation of data, clients often convert their word files to HTML/XML-based languages like Atom and SOAP. We provide our conversion services to ensure better organisation and assortment of data.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in USA

Our conversions are not only limited to textual information. We convert images as well. Our experts convert JPEG and PNG images to HTML/XML resources for enhanced scalability, interactivity, compact file size, and easy editing.

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Clients often convert their PDF data to XML because of its low storage requirements. Owing to the advanced compressive technologies of HTML/XML, data is much easier to handle. So, it supports many non-printable characters.

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA
Text to HTML/XML

We convert text files to HTML/XML for enhanced accessibility. Clients use this service to make the data more readable, interactive, and shareable. Very few businesses still use the text format. Even they are rapidly converting!

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA

CSV files work well for countable and tabulated data. However, XML is a better choice if the information becomes more complex. It allows easy readability and storage of hierarchical data that have connections on various levels.

flash to HTML5 conversion services in USA

Businesses use RTF files to open any word processor or text editor. But RTF documents occupy a lot of space and do not have any password protection or encryption option. So, clients convert these files into HTML/XML resources.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5


Acadecraft provides a range of HTML/XML conversion services to schools, colleges, universities, and online learning worldwide. They use our services to update their learning modules, distance learning platforms, websites, and data.

Online Convert Flash TO HTML5


Businesses always deal with large volumes of content. Therefore, corporate clients use our conversion services to effectively store their data in compact modules that can be easily accessed whenever needed.

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All government and non-government organisations deal with a lot of public data. They handle large volumes of crucial data. Our HTML/XML conversions store and publish the data effectively and user-friendly manner.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in USA

How It Works?

The HTML or XML conversion process is highly technical and involves the following steps: Step 1: Scanning the paper-based documents: If the records are paper-based, they need to be converted into soft copies first through scanning. Step 2: Inputting The Client Data: Once we have all the client data in the form of soft copies, we upload them into our extraction and streamlining systems. Step 3: Extracting the Useful Data From the given Data: We extract all the valuable data from the documents provided by our clients and make them ready for processing. Step 4: HTML / XML Tagging: In this step, we add tags to the entire convertible data of the document to convert them into HTML or XML text. Step 5: Self Testing: Our converters do self-testing first. It ensures that they can be addressed then and there if there are any significant errors or issues. Step 6: QA Testing: Once our converters are satisfied with the quality, they hand over the project to our QA analysts, performing detailed quality analysis. Step 7: Upload and Delivery: Once the quality analysts are hundred percent satisfied, the files are uploaded on the web or delivered to the clients.

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