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We are an ed-tech company offering full-service project management solutions to our valued partners.
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Key Issues

The full-service project managers often fail to recognise the full potential and nature of the teams, which prevents the teams from performing to their optimum potential. They also fail to communicate to the workers, leading to less efficient management efficiently. Many full-service project management companies hire less experienced project managers who fail to handle projects perfectly. The managers must have proper man-management skills and communication skills. Service providers must be familiar with all the latest management software. Moreover, they must ensure the timely performance of their team. The project managers must understand the demands and needs of their clients and make decisions accordingly.

How can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a highly experienced team of project managers who have been in the industry for several years. They have a minimum of ten years of experience and are proficient and effective communicators. We use the latest project management technologies and ensure that the employees and their performances are tracked in real-time.

Essential Skills of our Full-Service Project Managers

We hire managers with the perfect tinge of project management skillsets as a full-service project management company. Some of the essential skills that our managers inculcate are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Man Management Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Stringent with Deadlines
  • Experience and Expertise in Project Management
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Our Clients

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Publishing Houses

We work with some of the leading publishing houses worldwide to ensure the proper management of the entire publication process. It includes managing the writing, editing, proofreading, publishing, and digital conversion processes.

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Educational Institutions

Our full-service project managers efficiently manage the research papers, performance reports, textbook production, and publishing. They constitute a bridge between institutional and academic experts, writers, and proofreaders to ensure streamlined publications.

Journals & Newsletter K12 Quality Check Services Provider

Corporate Houses

We help the corporate houses manage various projects related to the publication of annual reports, data entry, digital conversion of documents, outsourcing activities, recruitments, and much more with the help of our highly qualified managers.

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How It Works?

When we offer full-service project management services, we ensure that the complete requirements of our clients are understood first. Once we fully understand the exact needs of our clients, we deduce a time-scheduled plan for proper allocation of work and resources and work out on steps to be followed. We ensure that each employee is fully capable of doing the work allocated, providing accurate results. We also work on the type of tracking software and management technologies that would be the most appropriate for every project. We believe in training the employees, helping them enhance their performance, and ensuring timely and complete outputs.

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