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Key Issues

The world is rapidly switching to on-the-go learning from PCs. Applications that were accessible on Flash Players are converting to HTML 5. It is because Flash will be no more available on browsers. HTML5 is a trending markup language that most organisations seek to update their learning and development process. Converting flash-based courses to HTML5 requires particular expertise and skillsets. Budget constraints and accessibility barriers are their primary concern.

This process is not easy and requires a higher level of expertise. Approaching amateur conversion experts may lose the integrity of the learning courses. The conversion process is challenging, especially when interactive elements are embedded throughout the content. Outsourcing professionals who offer end-to-end optimisation and convert your content for new-age learners is the best option. They radically overhaul your games, websites, applications, and other digital assets without hampering their originality and adhering to global conversion standards/ The experts provide users with a smooth and enhancing learning experience. They retain the original animation, graphics, and other interactive features making your content the best in the market.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft converts Flash content into HTML5. Our conversion experts utilise custom authoring tools to meet the project requirements. We restructure the content into HTML5. Our conversion experts perform the best techniques to confirm the conversion.

Flash to HTML5 conversion by Acadecraft ensures a high-end user interface with proper animation, graphics, and other elements. Our conversion experts meet the latest requirements of the learning management system of organisations. We are comfortable in multiple file formats and deliver the client’s desired outcome. Our team searches for loopholes before the final delivery and reworks the content if found. Acadecraft offers error-free and high-quality conversion services.

Types of Flash to HTML 5 Conversion Services

Clients in Singapore and worldwide count on Acadecraft. Acadecraft delivers Flash to HTML5 conversion service through the following four strategies. We call it the four ‘R’s.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Acadecraft delivers recording conversion services by practicing a basic level of conversion by recording flash courses in an MP4 format and adding interactive elements to make content more relatable and inclusive to the users. We work towards enhancing user engagement with the content.

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The older version of e-learning courses needs updates and new configurations. Acadecraft specialists convert those courses into the latest version making them compatible with different devices. We enable optimal learning experiences across several gadgets. Our specialists use the Flash course source files to republish the newer version, making them mobile compatible.

flash to HTML5 conversion services

Acadecraft rebuilds the courses with error-free functionality and leverages the latest authoring tools. It gives the client multi-device access that enhances their product. They can get rid of the browsers’ compatibility. We open new publishing options for publishers to connect with the audience with rebuilt courses.

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Acadecraft utilises new authoring tools and redesigns the course completely to suit users' consumption of new media. We employ advanced instructional design strategies to meet the needs of the publishers. We ensure that the content is up-to-date and is the latest update on the subject.

Our Clients

Convert Flash TO HTML5


Acadecraft converts Flash-based eLearning courses to HTML5 responsive solutions. Digital content is the primary requirement of new-age learners. We ensure they get effective and optimum learning solutions. Our affordable conversion services make Singapore e-learning companies count on us. For decades we have been serving and imparting efficient knowledge.

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft meets the training and educational requirements for schools and universities worldwide. Our learning solutions are the best choice for learners because it is accessible to all. Whether tablets, smartphones, or other gadgets, learners get updated content with accurate conversion.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Industrial Training

Industries worldwide run on a consumer base, and Acadecraft assists them with Flash to HTML conversion services. It connects them with the masses and eases the training process with engaging training solutions. Currently, we are associated with different business verticals, and you could be the next one on our list!

Convert Flash TO HTML5 service provider in UK

How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to convert Flash to HTML5 for businesses and educational institutions to help them gain access to content and assist them in a quicker overall development.

After evaluating the text, we first understand the content requirements and then decide on the right Flash to HTML5 conversion format for the content to be converted into. We then choose the proper content scanning and conversion software. Next, we reverse the content in the selected form and finally assess it after conversion for quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the five steps of our workflow include- understanding, deciding, choosing, converting, and assessing.

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