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Key Issues

In this modern digital era, everything is available online. So, every book or document is accessible through digital devices. Popular digital libraries like Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, and others offer different formats while publishing their content. So, the publishers want to make their content easily accessible on digital platforms. For this, they require SEO-friendly content.

Digital content in the ePub format reaches a greater audience. The digital content requires global language support to reach an international audience. It must be easily accessible from operating systems, browsers, platforms, and others in a highly secure format. The content must include interactive features like videos, hyperlinks, URLs, and several other features for better reach. Converting files into epub and meeting all accessibility standards s crucial for a better return on investment.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft provides several advantages to businesses and individuals through its high-quality ePub conversion services. We have highly skilled conversion experts who convert paper files, hard copy data, and other source materials into the desired electronic format using ePub conversion technology.

We never compromise with the quality of the files we deliver to our clients, and, therefore, the production quality is always high. Our team converts all file formats like HTML, RTF, Quark, XML, InDesign, and others. We have multilingual conversion experts updated with the recent conversion tools and technologies to meet all project needs. Our customised ePub conversion services are famous worldwide. We adhere to all IDPF standards while converting files into ePub formats.

Types of ePub Conversion Services

At Acadecraft, we provide different types of e-book file conversions into ePub, PostScript, TIFF, DTBook/DAISY (.dtb extension), eReader (.pdb extension), and Desktop Author (dnl, .exe extension) formats.

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MOBI to ePub Conversion

We have specialists who convert MOBI files to popular e-book formats like ePub. It is compatible across all mobile devices like iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. We convert MS Word, HTML, and PDF.

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Sony Reader ePub Conversion

Our team of talented conversion experts offers premium ePub conversion services for Sony readers. We can effectively convert your source files to the ePub format. The file formats that are supported include RTF, LRX, LRF.

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Doc to ePub Conversion

We convert word files to ePub format to enhance the content’s accessibility. The books are compatible across all android apps, iOS devices, and e-book readers. Our specialists handle RTF, Quark, and PDF files of all genres and sizes.

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iPhone/iPad Conversion

We offer our clients premium iPhone and iPad ePub conversion services. We also assist our clients in publishing books for any preferred iOS devices of their choice. The file formats we convert include InDesign, Word, PDF.

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Kindle ePub Conversion

We provide Kindle ePub conversions with compact formatting and precision. The Kindle eBook reader supports PRC, MOBI, TXT, TPZ, and AZW. The file formats we convert include QuarkXPress, XML, HTML.

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Nook Reader Conversion

Nook Reader is an official electronic reading device offered by Barnes and Noble. Our professionals have experience in converting Nook readers to ePub conversions. The file formats we convert include PNG, PDF, and e-books.

Our Clients

Educational Institutions

Real Estate Industries

Acadecraft works with real estate clients and assists them in converting their organised data into e-brochures, e-books, and e-zines. We help them establish brand authority and trust among the buyers.


E-Commerce Industries

Acadecraft provides end-to-end online publishing services to various e-commerce companies. We design attractive e-books and brochures to describe product features by attaching images and hyperlinks.


Market Research

We work with different market research firms that serve digital publishing agencies globally. We design premium quality content following deep insights into marketing trends.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we have a team of knowledgeable in-house experts who handle all conversion processes. Our experts first consult with the clients and understand their needs. Then they recommend the best conversion services that best suit the client's business requirements. Next, we collect their data in the original format and convert them into EPUB 3.0 that best features the text, visuals, or audio content. Lastly, we deliver the content after multiple reviews by our quality analysts. The final file format includes all the media overlay documents, style sheets, fixed-layout documents, and navigation documents.

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