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Customised and Enticing Cover & Interior Page Design Services

We are a leading ed-tech company offering quality cover and industry page designs to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

All publishing houses focus on two significant book elements- cover page and interior design. If the cover design is not up to the mark, the author and publishing house may have to deal with failure. A cover page must capture the reader’s attention on the first go! And if that happens, your first step to success is achieved.

A book cover has to be engaging, interesting, and interactive. It must announce the book's genre, theme, and other elements. The cover design determines the scope and audience of the book. Cover pages play a significant role in determining the book's initial impression. Moreover, interior design also matters. If they are not up to the mark, people might let go of the text in the middle.

However, the issue that most publishers face is they don’t find cover and interior page designers up to the mark! And if they do, the costs are extravagant.

How can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a team of professional graphic designers and illustrators who create awe-inspiring cover and interior page designs that appeal to the audience. We also ensure that we complete the projects within the shortest turnaround time. We focus on results like increased ROI and better sales for your company. Client satisfaction is our top priority; therefore, we ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with our designs.

What sets our services apart is that we design covers using multiple graphics optimised according to the client’s goals. However, if the clients are not satisfied with the design, we also provide reworks. We have a team of expert 3D artists proficient in crafting creative designs. Our services include punctuation correction, page layout formatting, color consistency, and others. We never compromise with quality and deliver professional cover designs at the most competitive prices.

Types of Cover and Interior Page Design Services

At Acadecraft, we have an exceptional team of creative designing experts who use advanced tools and techniques to design exclusive cover designs. Our team understands the project requirements and provides the best strategies for clients.

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Book Cover Design Services

We have creative artists who design cover and interior pages of books using typography and thematic imagery. In addition, we create customised designs for book covers belonging to both fiction and non-fiction genres.

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Magazine Cover Design Services

We have a team of creative illustrators who involve various design elements in their magazines, like headlines, subheads, and subtexts. Our interior page design service enhances the visual appeal of the book.

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Album Cover Design Services

Designing an album cover that personifies the artistic styles and genre is our calibre. We specialise in creating eye-catching album covers that add value to production.

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E-book Cover Design Services

Our team of creative graphic designers provides exclusive interior page design services. We are proficient in designing compelling front pages for e-books relevant to the e-book's theme and content.

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Brochure Cover Design Services

We design brochures and leaflets using templates and new ideas. We have creative experts who design exclusive covers for brochures consistent with the brand's identity.

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Business Cover Design Services

Designing cover pages for business or commercial uses require expertise. We have creative graphic designers experienced in designing cover pages professionally according to the industry and client requirements.

Our Clients


Publishing Houses

Acadecraft deals with many reputed publishing houses. We provide exclusive designs for the cover of different books and magazines that they publish. Being an expert in this field, we offer premium designs only.

Healthcare & Pharma

Educational Platforms

Acadecraft works with various educational platforms to create interactive cover designs for their coursebooks and e-books. We maintain the theme of the content and ensure accuracy at all times.

Software & Technology Companies

Manufacturing and Packaging

We design brochures and leaflets for the manufacturing and packaging industries. We have graphic designers who create covers for manuals and catalogues. It helps in building better recognition for products.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we follow a strategic approach in creating customised designs for book covers and interior pages. We ensure to tailor our strategies to meet the client’s specifications.

First, we discuss the project requirements with the client, which gives us an idea about the content's theme and target audience. Then, we quote a price. After that, our designers create drafts and share them with the clients via email. On receiving the feedback, we start the design process. Sometimes, the clients recommend images and illustrations, and other times, we use our ideas. Then, we deliver the final product after a quality analysis. If the file requires any changes, we incorporate them. After approval, we provide a high-resolution design file and deliver it using FTPs or VPNs.

Hence, we discuss, quote, create, design, review, and deliver

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