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Designing Quality Motion Graphics For Better Enhancement and Engagement

At Acadecraft, we offer top-notch motion graphic services to our valued clients.
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Key Issues

Motion graphics are an effective medium to attract potential customers in digital marketing. Marketers are now turning to high-end professional motion graphics video content to grab the viewers' attention. It is one of the most affordable, effective, and easy tactics that various business owners implement to convert their target audience to customers increase website traffic and sales.

Multiple companies are opting for motion graphics to stand out from the rest. Motion graphics help transform the boring and saturated content into an engaging and effective one. Motion graphics can be extensively used for creating and increasing brand awareness. With the help of these graphics in motion, it becomes incredibly easier to figure the way to advertise a brand. As motion graphics are shareable, it is easier to go viral and create organic growth for any marketing campaign. It is one of the easiest ways to explain any concept. Therefore, various companies are opting for motion graphics and their immense benefits.

However, getting in touch with the best motion graphic service provider is an issue!

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading media services provider in Singapore. We have some of the most talented video creators, editors, animators, and after-effects experts who provide quality services for every project. They handle large volumes of information and cater to clients from all industry sectors. We have a strong team of content creators and research analysts who create appropriate information for a project. They collaborate to provide customised services according to their needs, target audience, budget, and business goals.

Moreover, we provide the latest state-of-the-art technology to our professional video creators to create the most attractive and sophisticated video solutions. We cater to clients worldwide and deliver services on time due to cutting-edge technology and credible skills. We take charge of complete campaigns like marketing, employee training, education, and others. We have a top-notch customer service team that handles client needs, projects, and modifications. In addition, our quality analysts ensure that clients receive high-quality and accurate videos within the deadline. Our linguistic experts cater to content in multiple languages, which helps clients looking to expand globally. All our motion graphic videos are trendy and provide enhanced audience engagement. We also ensure a higher ROI.

Type of Motion Graphic Services

Acadecraft is a leading ed-tech company offering the finest motion graphic services at cost-effective services.

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2D Motion Graphics

We use simple shapes and graphics to communicate complex messages in this video animation technique. We use simple flat designs and animate them into moving 2D shapes and letters to develop a motion graphics video. Our experts create short and to-the-point videos using this technique.

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3D Motion Graphics

These are more sophisticated than 2D animation videos and require more time and technical skills to create. Many educational and training institutes use these videos to quickly explain complicated concepts like machine operations, human anatomy, scientific information, product descriptions, and more.

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Icons and Logos

Many companies desire interactive logo and icon designs for their websites and applications. Users can hover over the logo designs we create using motion graphics and see them developed into animation. It helps the company stand out and increase the retention capacity of the content by miles.

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Short Films

We create several short films using motion graphics. We provide all from an advertisement film, a teaser, to a company's journey. The audience can connect emotionally to the content. We offer a unique way to plain and monotonous content.

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Marketing Videos

Companies worldwide use motion graphic videos to attract audiences worldwide. Here, they explain the various details about the product and describe their usage with graphics. It enhances the chances of viewers revisiting the ad and increases the popularity.

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UI Animation Videos

Corporate clients use this technique to create moving prototypes for their projects. We make the proposal attractive and clarify the design details to the teammates and investors. UI animation videos explain the client’s product features and bring ideas to life.

Our Clients

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Software Development

Acadecraft collaborates with various software development companies and delivers excellent motion graphics solutions for explaining different programming concepts.

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E-learning Industry

Acadecraft offers various tailor-made customised motion graphics solutions for e-learning industries. We provide services exclusively for e-learning online video materials and training programs.

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Pharmaceuticals Industry

Acadecraft provides well-made motion graphics animation that easily combines with voiceover, short-form texts, or sound designs for explaining concepts that exist at macroscopic or microscopic scales or that are abstract.

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How It Works?

In today’s content marketing ecosystem, video is one of the most useful and powerful components. Our motion graphics services is a perfect mixture of illustrations and custom animations with video content.

First, our experienced graphics artists understand the needs and requirements of the clients. Then we follow various tried and tested processes for constant improvisation and employ the latest technology and techniques for motion graphics services. After that, we try to comprehend and clarify the content of the script and graphics. We then create a rough storyboard of animatics' movement that depicts the timing of motion graphics and get feedback. We, accordingly, make the necessary and required changes based on the clients' input for the final decision. After that, we execute the motion graphics services and render final outputs exclusively for ready-to-use files. Finally, we hand the final image or video files to the clients.

Our versatile team of designers also uses various software for motion graphics services.

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