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Acadecraft helps clients with customised videos according to the business’ requirements.
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Key Issues

To maintain long-lasting business relationships, explainer videos are the best option. They successfully hold viewers' attention and keep your products prominent in people’s minds. Research suggests that people are more likely to purchase a product after watching an explainer video. It helps increase the conversion rate. Through explainer videos, companies can turn viewers into faithful clients.

Nowadays, every company wants to top the list of Google searches. The statistics of explainer videos help companies achieve that! The company that constantly tries to keep itself unique and original needs explainer videos. These videos set them apart from others. They adjust well with small screens, are more mobile compatible, and offer gigantic returns.

However, not every explainer video provider can provide that!

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a team of creative video producers who have gained hands-on experience in customising perfect and tailor-made videos according to the needs of the organisations. Our video professionals are experts in providing many high-quality explainer videos customised according to the brand and topic. We also expand our services by adding video styles that include infographics, live-action, and animated videos that leave viewers spellbound!

What sets our explainer video company apart is our combination of top-notch storytelling techniques with animation for engagingly communicating complex topics. At every step of our video production journey, we consult with our clients to know their interests. Our expert professionals are creative, diligent, and possess excellent project management skills. We leverage the latest technologies to create compelling videos of high standards. We are well-versed in creating different stylistic explainer videos. We deliver infographic-rich animation videos that exceed your expectations. We help in generating high revenue for a business.

Types of Explainer Video Services

At Acadecraft, we understand clients' requirements and create the best explainer videos accordingly.

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2D Animation Services

Acadecraft delivers high-quality 2D animation services to various B2B and B2C companies. As 2D animation styles are used for recreating the illusion of depth, it has become a fantastic choice for many. It is an ideal form of content for sharing as it is emotion-evoking.

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The live-action style works wonders with explainer videos, allowing the audience to engage. Everything is recorded using a camera. It is a better option for companies who want to build personal relationships with their potential clients. Acadecraft provides class-apart live-action explainer videos to these companies.

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White Board Animation

Our pool of animators and designing experts provides whiteboard animation in explainer videos. They are perfect for diving deeper into the explanation process of various products and services. Here, we provide simple white and black illustrations to explain a concept better.

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Acadecraft provides amazing explainer videos where the animation of typographic fonts explains various concepts. These services are usually opted by most companies as it requires shorter production time and is affordable. If proper formats and the right fonts are used in these videos, it sticks to the audience's memory.

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When it comes to creating video tutorials, many companies rely entirely upon screencasts for creating videos. No matter how complex the software or platform is, Acadecraft provides screencast recordings and explainer videos to create videos and benefit from this site.

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Stop Motion

Acadecraft has experts in providing stop motion animation effects in various explainer videos. This technique creates the illusion of movement by photographing an object and moving it in small amounts. But using this technique and making changes, clients can get the best!

Our Clients

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Software Clients

Acadecraft delivers powerful animated explainer videos using real-life infographics and stock images. This brings about a powerful connection with the brand's audience and helps educate the target audience affordably and compellingly.

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Finance Companies

Many financial companies reach out to Acadecraft for producing testimonial videos. We make sure that the explainer video output that we deliver is compelling enough to evoke the audience's trust. For that, we perfectly blend our problem-solution approach with unique animation styles and capture the viewer’s attention.

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Healthcare Companies

Acadecraft collaborates with healthcare companies and provides them with high-class explainer videos. They usually require these videos to explain some complicated topics and products related to the medical and health care industries. With our videos, all challenging concepts are quickly clarified.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our process of explainer video production follows a simplified process. We begin the process by understanding the business objectives and needs. We figure out the type of explainer videos according to clients' preferences. We then create a well-thought engaging script for shaping the message clearly and optimising the business results. After that, we create a storyboard with sketches and illustrations that helps in understanding the look and the style fit in the visuals. We assist in eliminating the infelicities of ideas. Then, our professionals pick the voice-over artists that suit the style and mood of the explainer videos. Next, we tune in to create eye-catching videos suitable for the business. Our designers and editors revise the overall project and make the necessary improvements. Moreover, we deliver the actionable videos to the clients and wait for their approval.

We ensure that our explainer videos successfully gain the audience's interest and maximise the retention rate. We also recommend some of the best analytics tools for monitoring the audience's engagement.

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