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Media content is currently ruling the industry. Statistics say that over 80% of daily content consumption is either videos or other media elements. Hence, every company needs media-rich content for marketing, training, and other purposes. But, every company doesn’t specialise in developing media content. Acadecraft is making the task easy for such clients.

At Acadecraft, we have certified animators and AR-VR experts, carrying an experience of over five years. They deliver the most attractive, relevant, and original media content to our clients. We have expertise in all forms of media content, including learning videos, marketing videos, whiteboard animation, animated PPTs, and all others.

We are known to deliver long-term services at affordable rates. We ensure that all the media content delivered is 100% original and made by our in-house team. We strictly avoid delivering any pre-used or copyrighted content.

Types of Our Media Services

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2D Animation

Get quality learning and training videos, marketing videos, and animated cartoon-based short films with Acadecraft’s 2D animation services. Get your consumers' attention and grow your business to greater heights with 2D animated video-based brand campaigns!

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3D Animation

Acadecraft has acclaimed expertise in delivering high-quality 3D animated videos for multiple client needs. We develop everything with extreme care and expertise, from virtual instruction videos to product operation videos, fully customised for our clients.

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Explainer Videos

Answer all questions of your consumers with Acadecraft’s explainer videos. Our explainer videos strictly follow the brand identities and USPs, company logos, brand colors, and symbols so that the videos can fulfil your business requirements adequately.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation plays a significant role in developing learning and training videos. Our whiteboard animators work in close collaboration with subject matter experts, making the videos as perfect and relevant as possible!

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Animated PPTs

Make PowerPoint presentations more impactful, and increase the efficiency of business talks with Acadecraft’s professionally crafted Animated PPTs. These PPTs present statistics in an engaging way, which grabs the audience's attention.

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Typography Videos

Our typography experts set the text's best style, size, and pace to deliver the most exciting typography videos. We provide typography services for websites, marketing, motion graphics, videos, and all other types of client requirements.

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Immersive Technology

Immersive technology, including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (ER), is growing at a rapid pace globally. Acadecraft offers the best of all three immersive technologies to fulfill the specific requirements of client companies.

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Motion Graphics

Acadecraft develops crisp and interesting motion graphics for marketing, product description, explainer, sales, and many other purposes. Our motion graphics are defined by authentic and attractive high-quality content.

Our Clients

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Business Companies

We offer marketing videos, product description videos, interactive mailers, social media content, and many more services to clients regularly.

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Publishing Houses

We offer innovative digital publishing solutions like image processing, infographics, Typesetting, Kindle conversion, and other services to the publishing houses.

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Media Agencies

We offer media agencies image processing, video editing, motion graphics, and typography services. We offer them animation and AR-VR services as well.

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E-Learning Companies

We deliver learning videos, animated PPTs, explainers, and neatly crafted lesson plans to deliver online lessons effectively.

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Tutorial Homes

The tutorial homes often need customised study materials and assessments. We deliver them regular services with long-term commitment.

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How It Works

For all of us at Acadecraft, our clients come first. And this client's first policy of ours has led to the evolution of our fully customised learning solutions.

So, while starting with any project, we first connect with our clients to discuss their requirements. Once we fully understand the client's needs. We allocate the project to our specialist team. Our experts first go through the requirements thoroughly and do sufficient research. Afterward, they start working on the project. Once the project is ready, our QC team does a thorough quality check. Once we are 100% sure of the quality, we deliver the project to our clients.

Our clients can reach out to us if they need further help. Our client support executives remain active 24x7.

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