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Acadecraft is a leading localisation service provider providing accurate transcriptions in over 200 languages globally.
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Key Issues

Clients look for professional translation services to document their verbal communication daily. Not all service providers have experienced transcription experts. They keep the transcription work for later. Thus, that results in late delivery of projects.

It is essential to rely on a credible transcriptionist to match the conversation pace. But, inexperienced professionals fail to follow the flow of discussion. Due to lack of time, they don’t even proofread the transcriptions. That causes major inconvenience for clients in the long run.

How Can Acadrcraft Help?

Acadecraft is home to expert translators and transcribers covering over 200 languages. Our experts undergo thorough training and ensure every conversation in the document is accurate. Our services are fast and efficient. And we always proofread the document before final delivery.

We specialise in handling business transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, academic transcription and other services. We understand the importance of business conversations and keep only experienced experts.

Our services are highly affordable, and we are available for assistance 24*7. Furthermore, we never fail to fulfil client expectations.

Types of Transcription Services

Acadecraft offers multiple transcription services to satisfy client needs. Some of them are:

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Business Transcription

Our expert business transcriptionist transcribes business meetings, conferences and other types of business conversation. We maintain the secrecy of discussions and deliver accurate transcriptions within the deadline.

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Legal Transcription

Businesses often need professional transcription services for online meetings, webinars, etc. We are ready to provide all types of transcription solutions in the online mode. Our specialised team delivers transcripts within 24 hours of recording.

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Audio Transcription

Our skilled audio transcribers transcribe the audio files into accurate and fluent written documents. In addition, we offer multi-language transcription services covering over 200 languages.

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Medical Transcription

Our medical transcriptors hold Statement of Attainment in Medical Terminology and other similar certificates. They are highly efficient in transcribing medical terms, verbal prescriptions and other medical conversations.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Academic Transcription

Our skilled academic transcribers cater to each subject individually. They carry expert knowledge in their field and know subject-based terminologies. Our services are cost-effective and come with a higher ROI.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Video Transcription

The video transcription experts covert the video dialogues into written texts. They ensure to maintain the communication tone while transcribing. We write transcripts both in dialogue and story form based on client requirements.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Multi-Lanuage Transcription

Acadecraft’s transcription experts work in groups to simultaneously transcribe conversations in multiple languages. We have a team of experienced quality analysts catering to different languages specifically.

Our Clients

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Business Companies

Business companies need to document their business talks, meetings, etc. Acaderaft caters to such businesses looking for exceptional assistance in this field.

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Healthcare Industry

We deliver top-notch medical transcription services and credible medical translation to numerous healthcare industries in Singapore. Also, we deliver medical artwork, motion graphics and much more.

Publishing Translation Services

Legal Authorities

We deliver transcription of court trials and other legal documents. Our translation services are error-free and accurate, covering over 200 languages.

Publishing Translation Services

Educational Institutes

We are a leading educational service provider offering customised textbooks, study books, lesson plans, practice papers, and more at affordable rates. Our transcription solutions are error-free and available for full-time service.

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How it Works?

Acadecraft first connects with clients to understand their requirements. After which we discuss the perfect schedule for our service. Our experience transcription team handles the project. They transcribe the conversation on scheduled dates and send the documents to quality analysts. We deliver projects within deadline and accept last-minute modifications from our clients.

Hence, we discuss, understand, transcribe, modify and deliver on time. And there is no room for mistakes from our side!

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