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Acadecraft is the leading subtitling agency serving companies worldwide.
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Key Issues

Subtitles appear almost in every video content, ad, game, daily soaps, film, etc. To expand business globally, subtitling services are necessary. Non-native audiences can easily understand the content without removing the original language. For instance, a Korean can enjoy a video with Korean subtitles. Experts solely focus on original time codes and source language, making it informative like the original one.

They hold a highly experienced team of skilled subtitlers with subtitling and closed captioning knowledge. Our team professional ensures that clients receive accurate, meaningful, and consumer-friendly subtitles. Organizations might refrain from investing in subtitling services, but the danger is ahead. That may misguide viewers and convey unwanted meaning. Professional services lures the audience and create mouth publicity for your business.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading subtitling service provider in Singapore. We have an experienced team of 30,000 subtitling experts, proofreaders, customer support team and specialists. The multilingual subtitle experts will handle your project. They ensure proper implementation of subtitles in your story. Our platform delivers customized content in any desired format. Sitting at the extreme corner of the globe, Acadecraft knows the audience's taste. Our specialist team will give a finishing touch with proper subtitles. We maintain the tonality, pitch, and flow of subtitles that connects you to the audience emotionally.

Types of Subtitling Services

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Subtitling for media

Acadecraft holds subtitle experts that deliver accurate subtitles in various accents without changing the meaning of the source language. We connect the brand with multiple audiences and implement a wealth of information in advertisements. Moreover, our team provides subtitles for more than 200 languages.

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Closed Caption Subtitling

With a team of professional linguists, production engineers, and other expert teams, Acadecraft delivers premium closed captioning services. We provide timely services without practical sound effects and tonality. Our team has the experience of handling most closed captioning projects in Singapore.

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Single Language Subtitling (SLS)

Our subtitle experts ensure the exact language caption being spoken in content. Clients can use this wonderful service for users who don’t like reading and lack pronunciation. Most educational institutes avail this to boost the phonetic skills of learners. We can translate a piece of dialogue to catch the right context and intentions.

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Open Captioning Subtitle

Acadecraft serves public sector undertakings, transport companies, and other business verticals with open captioning services. Our linguistic team and production professionals collaborate with each other for precise and perfect subtitles. We ensure on-time delivery.

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Subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing (SDH)

Acadecraft boasts of offering SDH subtitling services for over 200 languages to hard of hearing individuals (HOH) individuals. Our SDH subtitles ensure HOH viewers a clear picture of original content. We provide exclusive service in podcasts, documentaries, and other videos. It is accessible to all kinds of audiences worldwide.

Clients We Serve

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Get accurate and reliable e-learning subtitles for online courses at Acadecraft. To connect with learners, we provide e-learning solutions in native and foreign languages. We cover over 200 languages.

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Without appropriate subtitles, a marketing campaign is incomplete. Acadecraft collaborates with eminent corporates to subtitle videos for social and web platforms. This increases the viewership.

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The entertainment industries need subtitling services. Acadecraft offers accurate subtitles for movies, TV shows, and daily soaps. We aim to remove language barriers for non-native audiences. We convey your message internationally in a meaningful way.

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Advertising Firms

Acadecraft helps ad agencies to reach foreign audiences with subtitling services. Our quality subtitles connect with the masses and open up a clear communication flow.

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How Does it Work?

Acadecraft ensures a smooth and hassle-free process in subtitling content. Our project manager understands the client's project details and requirements. After offering the price quotation to our clients, we transfer the files to our subtitling experts. Our team streamlines the subtitling process in collaboration with transcriptionists and linguistic experts. After creating subtitles, the quality check team checks the typos, grammar, and syntax errors. The quality team is satisfied only after error-free subtitles. We ensure to make no mistake in the final delivery.

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