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Making Verbal Communications Easier with Live Captioning

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Key Issues

Verbal communication is difficult for HOH hard for hearing users. The global population rate for HOH users is 6.1 percent. Real-time live captions help them read verbal dialogues on-screen. Orally challenged users can easily grab information quickly, living in a sound environment.

Visuals have become the main source of entertainment. Video creators rely on live caption providers to increase their video engagement rate.

Using advanced tools, live captioners match the speech-to-text conversion with the speaker’s language. The experts won’t interfere with your work. They will handle your project in their own way. Live captioners connect with speakers via different mediums to capture captions in real-time. Acadecraft offers seamless live captioning services using speech recognition software, phonetic keyboards, and advanced tools. That makes live captioning easier and quicker.

How Can Acadecraft Help You?

Acadecraft holds highly experienced quality check experts, production engineers, IT teams, and technical experts. We provide top-notch service in live-captioning your videos, live TV shows, meetings, conferences, and other events. Our support team provides round the clock assistance in case of any doubt. We place live captions in videos without hampering the streaming content.

Clients all over Singapore prefer us for our top-notch service and on-time delivery. We rely both on human hands and technology to generate live captions for projects. Acadecraft ensures to meet WCAG 2.0. Our expert team with removes the accessibility barriers for everyone.

Types of Live Captioning Services

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Remote Live Captioning Services

Acadecraft is home to over 200 live captioners having expertise in web conferences, lectures, seminars, and other live events. We stream live captions via the internet directly using screen gadgets. We have spread our expertise across the globe. With us, every disabled user gets the benefit of watching videos.

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Teleconference Captioning Services

Our professional team produces high-quality captions for teleconferences, like Skype calls or other types of calls. For instance, if any technical issues arise during a teleconference, our experts can fix the program in no time. Also, our captioners deliver quality projects on time.

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On-Site Live Captioning Services

We provide 99% accuracy in real-time verbal production. Acadecraft uses advanced tools and translation machines to minimise the chances of re-speaking. An ideal event requires on-site live captions. Our expert services cater to any venue or event. Our dubbing artists coordinate with speakers to deliver clear captions to relevant users.

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Electronic Notetaking

Our expert live captioners are experts in computer-assisted note-taking. HOH users get speech access and enjoy equal participation with other colleagues. Our happy clients rely on dubbing services to become the aid for HOH users who are not familiar with the native language.

Clients We Serve

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Acadecraft delivers quality live captioning services to business meetings, conferences and training sessions. Get to connect with non-native English speakers and HOH users. Our automated processes are cost-effective.

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Online educators across Singapore rely on our exceptional services. We provide easy to use captions that are affordable. Our standards are compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and various other learning tools.

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We make marketing companies remain abreast in the competition. Our efficient team helps businesses drive more sales and connect with potential customers worldwide.

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Ed-Tech Companies

Potential ed-tech companies trust on our services to incorporate accurate captions for e-learning modules. We are a premium agency ready to assist with relevant solutions to make businesses meet their expectations.

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How Does it Work?

Acadecraft provides exceptional live captioning services for businesses globally. Our top-notch live captioners carefully listen to the content and type those words accurately in your broadcasting systems.

Every client seeks for fast and accurate typer, and we never fail to meet their expectations. Our in-house project managers, quality check team, and other professionals are available for 24*7 assistance. All you need to do is tap on our services and witness the results.

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