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Delivering Professional Dubbing Services to Maintain Natural Flow of Information Covering all Languages and Connecting Target Audience

Acadecraft is a well-known localisation company providing exceptional dubbing services globally for audio-visual media in multiple languages.
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Key Issues

Most businesses don’t have the expertise to dub their content. Dubbing means delivering messages in a familiar voice and language. Consumers mostly approach brands that have a clear voice. For global expansions, dubbing services is the need of the hour.

Relying on a professional service is what a business seeks for. But, not all service providers carry the necessary expertise. They must be well versed with technical knowledge, deliver perfect dubbing solutions, and handle multiple projects simultaneously. Furthermore, many agencies fail to deliver quality dubbing within the deadline. They misinterpret the content flow and make it inaccurate. The ideal dubbing artist must provide effective lip synchronisation. But, not many companies have them. It is important to connect with well-renowned dubbing service providers for quality dubbing.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is home to over 5000 highly skilled and experienced dubbing artists. We are a leading dubbing service provider in Singapore. Our expertise covers both government and private sectors. We provide top-notch dubbing for films, events, games, documentaries, corporate presentations and much more.

Our in-house team of exceptional translators, recordists, directors, and other sound professionals offer quality output in a natural flow. We deliver round the clock quality assistance.

Types of Dubbing Services

Inaccurate messages ruin the client’s image. Acadecraft ensures instant connectivity with the target audience through a range of dubbing services.

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Corporate Dubbing

Acadecraft helps businesses create their brand image globally. Our specialised dubbing artists localise corporate videos as per the target culture. We ensure increased engagement and sales no matter what the brand size is.

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The Podcast and Website Dubbing

Presently, podcasts and webcasts are new forms of entertainment. We provide a highly skilled team having well expertise in their own niche. Clients can avail different kinds of voices based on the content genre.

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Marketing Dubbing

Our exceptional dubbing artists understand the project culture. We connect directly connect clients with their customers. Our team never fails to adapt target culture, which in turn increases the customer base for businesses.

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Language Dubbing

We have our experts providing dubbing content for both formal and casual content. Our team never fails to maintain the natural consistency in any language. Our services are genuine and relevant.

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Educational Dubbing

Acadecraft’s talented team dubs academic content covering various international and regional languages. We carry expertise in dubbing educational content like e-books, audiobooks, video learning solutions and much more.

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Film Dubbing

We always tend to match the artistic quality of original foreign films. Our dubbing artists meet client expectations and maintain the quality flow. Moreover, almost every Singaporean film agency partners with us for quality solutions.

Our Clients

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OTT Platforms

Living in this digitalised age, everything is available at our fingertips. OTT platforms offer compelling entertainment solutions. We outsource talents to agencies worldwide to make them connect with audiences globally.

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Music Companies

Acadecraft provides the right vocalist for all production projects. We have a pool of talented dubbers who refines the messaging system. Musical soundtrack needs the touch of professionals, and that is our exceptional dubbing artists.

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In this digital era, E-learning modules that come with interesting concepts grab the learner attention. Many e-learning companies connect with us for optimum dubbing solutions. Our skilled team is ready to dub for all academic concepts and educational levels.

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How Does it Work?

At the initial stage, our specialised team understands the client requirements. After which, we collect and review their content. If budget is a client’s concern, we provide price quotations as their service needs. Our highly skilled team writes the script based on which the dubbing artist record their voices. Acadecraft believes in quality rather than quantity. Although, we never fail to deliver projects on time. Our professional quality check team assess the volume level, pace, pitch and other sound effects.

After being satisfied with the post-production process, we are ready for final delivery. Thus, we ensure timely delivery maintain the quality standards. So, organisations won’t regret trusting on us.

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