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Do you know that only 20% of the world population are native English speakers? It means if your company is marketing only in English, then you are yet to connect with around 80% of the world's population! Don’t miss the opportunity to add billions of people to your consumer list. Use Acadecraft’s localisation services to localise your content.

At Acadecraft, we have an experienced in-house team of certified translators and linguistics experts. We deliver localisation solutions, including translation, transcription, closed captioning, subtitling, language dubbing, voice-over, and more, in over 100 languages globally. Our experts work in close coordination with the client companies to understand the motives behind the content and then deliver the best localisation solution to clients.

That is why we deliver localised content that your consumers can easily connect to, with long term commitments and 24x7 services, at a very affordable rate.

Types of Our Localisation Services

Legal Translation Services Translation Services

We translate all types of content for our clients in over 100 languages. We also specialise in medical translation, legal translation, business translation, technical translation, and academic translation.

Media Translation Services Language Translation Services

We offer subtitles that are readable, clearly understandable, short and crisp. Our primary focus lies in conveying the right emotions without making the subtitles too long so that your audience can get the total value.

Corporate Translation Services Translation Services
Voice Over

Need voice over artists for brand marketing videos? Acadecraft will do the job. We even offer voice over services for ELearning videos, short videos, Social media videos, and all other types of video from our clients.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services

We have native linguistic experts who dub the videos keeping the regional lingual tones in mind. It makes sure that the emotions in the original audio or video remain intact in the dubbed videos.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services

We have transcriptionists trained to be fast, accurate, and precise. They make sure to cover every point. We proofread the transcripts before delivery. Hence, we guarantee 100% accurate transcripts.

Academic Translation Services Language Translation Services
Live and Closed Captioning

We offer both lives and closed captioning services for our clients. We caption live webinars, conferences, and videos, along with recorded videos, pitching videos, marketing videos, and lengthy videos.

Our Clients

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Business Companies

We regularly offer marketing videos, product description videos, interactive mailers, social media content, and many more services.

Online Convert Flash TO HTML5

Publishing Houses

We offer innovative digital publishing solutions like image processing, infographics, Typesetting, Kindle conversion, and others to the publishing houses.

Convert Flash TO HTML5 Services

Media Agencies

We offer media agencies image processing, video editing, motion graphics, and typography services. We offer them animation and AR-VR services as well.

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ELearning Companies

We deliver learning videos, animated PPTs, explainers, and neatly crafted lesson plans to deliver online lessons effectively.

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Tutorial Homes

The tutorial homes often need customised study materials and assessments. We deliver them regular services with long-term commitment.

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How It Works

For all of us at Acadecraft, our clients come first. And this client's first policy of ours has led to the evolution of our fully customised learning solutions.

So, while starting with any project, we first connect with our clients to discuss their requirements in detail. Once we fully understand the client's needs. We allocate the project to our specialist team. Our experts first go through the requirements thoroughly and do sufficient research. Afterwards, they start working on the project. Once the project is ready, our QC team does a thorough quality check. Once we are 100% sure of the quality, we deliver the project to our clients.

Our clients can reach out to us if they need further help. Our client support executives remain active 24x7.

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