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Exposing Learners to Simulated Environments for Better Training

We are an ed-tech company delivering scenario-based learning solutions to our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Scenario-based learning is an active-learning approach that uses real-life situations and delivers relevant learning experiences to learners. Developing compelling scenarios for e-learning is an advanced skill that involves careful consideration of process, issue framing, participant behaviour, and a deep understanding of scenarios.

Scenario-based learning is challenging to deliver. But if the scenarios are executed well, it can be an effective training model. Scenario-based learning must be immersive enough to improve the engagement quotient of the learners. With us, learners face real-life challenges like accurately presenting a product, assigning a task, or calming an angry consumer.

Many content developers fail to understand that every response in scenario-based learning is supposed to have a consequence.

It is imperative to create relatable scenarios and connect the branches. Scenario-based education must be personally designed to meet the objectives of an organisation. Learning and development teams must employ scenario-based learning that triggers and drive behavioural change, facilitate decision-making, and improve critical thinking skills. Scenarios must be designed to allow safe exploration of sensitive situations and allow learners to learn from their own mistakes.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has a team of expert scenario-based developers who develop personalised scenario-based learning solutions depending on the business’ training objectives. We design scenarios taking inspiration from real-life issues regularly faced by the learners. Our scenario-based learning modules consist of linked scenes arranged in a chronology. Learners can relate to our realistic scenarios. In addition to measuring the impact of branching scenarios, we create a link between the branches. Our scenarios are engaging, emotionally driven, and tied to real-world benefits and challenges. We encourage learners to acquire professional knowledge and not complicate the storyline. Acadecraft’s scenario-based learning helps learners hone their communication skills, improve client relationships, and enhance productivity. We help businesses reduce the time and expense of training by immersing the learners in real-life situations. We focus on making learners understand better through experience. Our scenario-based learning facilitates problem-solving among learners, provides them with a guided exploration, a safe zone to gain proficiency, allows them to make mistakes, and strengthens their approach.

Types of Scenario-Based Learning Services

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Simple Scenario-based Learning

Acadecraft delivers simple scenario-based learning services to help learners test or practice a skill. We create scenario-based learning modules to hone the specific craft of learners. We customise them according to the goals and requirements of businesses. Our scenario-based learning solutions don’t just involve solving problems but also learning and adapting new skills.

Scenario-Based Learning Services in UK

Complex Scenario-based Learning

Acadecraft delivers complex scenario-based learning solutions to train learners with various skills at once. We also provide comprehensive scenarios where learners can practice different techniques like establishing contact, identifying needs, presenting the product, overcoming objections, and closing the deal. We offer such scenarios to save time and multiple other resources of a business organisation.

Professional Scenario-Based Learning Services

One-Shot Scenario-based Learning

Acadecraft offers one-shot scenarios or one-time learning solutions. The software and process training is built on these scenarios. We help learners understand various features or processes of software. The learners get an idea about the complex processes and concepts. At Acadecraft, we develop e-training scenarios that incorporate one-shot scenario-based learning solutions for learners.

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Learn-by-Example Scenario-based Learning

Acadecraft delivers learn-by-example scenario-based learning by equipping learners with several circumstances and encouraging them to intervene and determine further courses of action. The scenarios are chronologically designed that enable learners to observe the consequences of their actions. We encourage learners to think logically and cognitively to reach the outcome successfully.

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Microworld Scenario-based Learning

Through microworld scenario-based learning, Acadecraft delivers a virtual representation of real situations. We let the learners physically interact with various virtual world elements and learn from experiences. We address the needs of learners based on their unique objectives. Our scenario-based training modules are different for every learner group and are designed as per the target audience.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft, one of the best scenario-based learning services providers, delivers customised circumstances for management programs and training modules. We ensure to increase the communication skills and productivity of the learners.

Best Scenario-Based Learning Services


Acadecraft is one of the most reputed scenario-based learning service providers. We are equipped with the latest technological developments and fulfil the requirement of businesses for designing interactive scenarios for the training of various marketing programs.

Affordable Scenario-Based Learning Services

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Acadecraft, an expert scenario-based learning service provider, trains learners to understand the software and its working. We meet the business’s requirements by designing practical training and skill upliftment materials.

Affordable Scenario-Based Learning Services


Acadecraft is a leading scenario-based learning service provider that delivers clients' quick and efficient training modules and interactive e-learning solutions. We design different scenario-based learning management programs as per the instructions.

scenario-based learning solutions in UK

How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures the creation of compact and accessible training modules using scenario-based learning. Our team help learners in gaining in-depth knowledge and assist them with a quicker overall development.

We first identify the needs, target audience, and objectives of the business. Next, we choose the situation for the scenario and select the apt scenario structure. We then develop the chronology of scenarios and the learning takeaways. Next, we design the scenario. Finally, we assess it for quality assurance. In brief, it can be said that the six steps of our workflow include- identifying, choosing, selecting, developing, designing, and assessing.

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