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Delivering Customised Rapid E-learning Solutions Catering to the Performance Criteria and Business Requirements

We are a reputed company providing e-learning solutions to our valued partners.
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Key Issues

Technological advancements have opened the doors for the delivery of rapid e-learning solutions. It reduces training costs; improves workplace productivity and speed of development. Clients find difficulty arranging a team of skilled developers who use the latest tools to deliver online content effectively.

Many developers create tedious content for learners. However, monotonous content is never engaging. Subject matter experts need to use tools like Articulate, Claro or Adapt to design personalised and enticing solutions for learners to grasp ideas faster. Rapid e-learning is the perfect option for deadline-based projects that require interactive and engaging concepts for better understanding.

About Our Rapid E-learning Services

Acadecraft is a leading rapid e-learning solutions provider. Our team of skilled developers design ready-to-use interactive training modules to assist learners in fulfilling their training needs. By leveraging rapid authoring tools, we design customised solutions to align with the diverse learning needs of clients. We focus on improving the speed of training that helps the learners understand new concepts. We use automated learning modules to promote social learning. With the help of the latest technology like Articulate Storyline, we develop training modules quickly and efficiently. We save the cost of training and ensure an enhanced experience. We utilise tools according to the learning needs and business goals. Our experts deliver workplace training by offering flexible learning solutions. We also ensure that companies can track the performance and productivity of employees on a quicker development cycle.

Types of Rapid E-learning Services

Our goal is to develop quality rapid e-learning services for trainers and trainees. We provide e-learning products that are self-explanatory, informative, easier, and quicker to understand.

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Rapid Authoring

Acadecraft provides easy-to-use rapid authoring tools that enable professionals to design simple quizzes and interactive e-learning sessions. We are proficient in developing a plethora of e-learning courses without trouble. The rapid authoring tools are online e-training software that assists e-learners in creating effective web-based courses. These tools abolish the need for coding and multimedia skills.

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The translation is one of the primary rapid e-learning services of Acadecraft. Our expert linguist professionals can translate a text into several languages without compromising its authenticity, context and essence. Our team translates content by keeping the tone, style and vigour intact. We translate content adhering to our client's requirements.

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Acadecraft has a skilled team of experts who deliver localisation services to our clients. Our localisation experts conduct extensive research and rigorously work hard for completing the localisation projects. Our rapid e-learning services ensure that clients receive their localisation services in any language according to the project’s requirements.

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File Conversion and Interface Development

Acadecraft provides file conversion and interface development solutions in rapid e-learning services. Our services consume less time moving data or files from one platform to another. Furthermore, we run interfaces daily or periodically provide user-friendly interface solutions to our clients. Our rapid e-learning focuses on three main things: easy execution, time-saving and cost-effectiveness.

Our Clients

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Service Providers

Acadecraft, one of the best rapid e-learning solution provider companies, delivers quick-learning programs and training modules that increase user engagement and interactivity.

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Acadecraft, one of the most reputed rapid e-learning service providers, adheres to clients' requirements and designs effective training materials for various marketing programs.

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Ed-tech Companies

Acadecraft, a respected rapid e-learning service provider, comprehends the technology development and requirement of designing effective materials for training and skill upliftment purposes.

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Acadecraft, a leading rapid e-learning service provider, deliver quick-to-grasp training documents and visually appealing e-learning solutions for clients. We design different management programs according to clients’ requirements.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures the creation of training modules for employees to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in a quicker overall development.

We first understand the basic requirements of our clients, then gather and organise the required content. We then find a rapid authoring tool to be used in the design process. Next, we develop and design the content in an interactive format and review and edit it after quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the six steps of our workflow include- understanding, organising, finding a rapid authoring tool, developing, designing, and assessing.

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