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Custom E-learning Solutions That Focus On Specific Client’s Requirements

We are a professional e-learning content development company providing custom elearning services to our valued partners.
custom e learning solutions

Key Issues

Custom e-learning solutions drive growth for a business by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of content.

In today’s world, corporate sectors face difficulty finding teams that can increase the productivity of the workforce and organisation. It is extremely challenging to find e-learning services that can deliver personalised solutions keeping the business goals and performance criteria in mind.

Developers cannot prioritise the domains and skills essential to addressing a specific business. Hence, they end up compromising the content quality. It is essential to understand the functioning and goals of businesses to design custom e-learning solutions using the latest technology.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has a team of experts who design custom e-learning content development with the utmost zeal. They enable the employees to develop distinct behaviour changes or gain knowledge essential to the organisational needs. Our custom e-learning services provide high engagement by using real-life scenarios relevant to the job. We align the content keeping the company's values, business goals, and branding in mind.

We give easy access to learners by efficiently providing on-demand learning. Our skilled instructional designers and developers create accurate custom e-learning content that minimises the need for change. We provide target assessments that are beneficial to both the learners and the organisation. We assist in training employees and enhancing their productivity, leading to an improved ROI.

Types of Custom E-learning Services

Acadecraft delivers custom e-learning content development services adhering to the instructional requirements. We ensure to enhance the productivity of learners with our custom e-learning services.

custom elearning content development services
Online Assessment

At Acadecraft, we have online assessment components that lay the foundation of scrutinised assessment solutions. Our online assessment in custom elearning development comprises formative, diagnostic and summative solutions.

custom elearning services
Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

At Acadecraft, the instructors deliver training materials in a classroom format using virtual modes such as video-conferencing tools. The instructors embrace various learning styles and use their facilitation and teaching skills to engage the learners.

custom learning solutions
Migration of Legacy Content to HTML 5

With the rapid increase in mobile learning, businesses now adapt their flash courses to HTML 5. Acadecraft has experience and expertise in converting flash to HTML 5 elearning migration. We assist clients in achieving their goals through migration investment.

custom elearning development services
Simulation and Game-based Learning

Acadecraft has professionally experienced software developers and educationalists who help pupils and learners understand complex theories using simulation and game-based learning. Our instructional designers and subject matter experts collaborate to design interesting and engaging custom e-learning development solutions.

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Web-Based Training (WBT)

Acadecraft’s web-based training (WBT) is an internet-browser-based custom e-learning development solution. We have streaming audio/video, animation, webinars, forums, and instant messaging. We have a skilled team efficient in developing quality WBT programs.

custom online learning development services
Mobile Learning

Acadecraft offers quality mobile learning solutions to clients. It is one of the most convenient and accessible ways of virtual learning. We ensure instant content sharing, feedback, and tips through our content modules. Our team makes elearning easy and cost-effective.

Our Clients

custom e learning development services

Service Providers

Acadecraft, one of the best custom e-learning services provider companies, delivers market-oriented management programs and training modules that increase user engagement with the services.

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Acadecraft, one of the most reputed custom e-learning service providers, adheres to technology development and fulfils clients' requirements for designing effective materials to train various marketing programs.

custom e learning solutions

Ed-tech Companies

Acadecraft is a respected custom e-learning service provider that comprehends the technology development and requirement for designing effective materials for training and skill upliftment purposes.

custom e learning solutions


As a custom e-learning service provider, Acadecraft offers flawless industrial products catalogues, training documents, and product brochures. We design customised management programs.

custom e-learning services

How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures the creation of training modules for employees to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in their overall development. We first understand the basic requirements of our clients, then gather and organise the necessary content. We then create a storyboard and script the ideas engagingly and interactively for the design process. Next, we develop and design the content and finally review and edit it after quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the six steps of our workflow include- understanding, gathering and organising, storyboarding, scripting, developing and designing, and assessing.

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