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Key Issues

Digital videos are the need of the hour. Clients prefer online videos to help their learners know everything from scratch. Traditional mediums don't allow learners to get instant availability of instructors. But today, everything is possible through effective video platforms.

Besides client’s learners and even universities are facing the same problem. Video lectures eliminate the gap between institutes and learners. Learners learn at their own pace and have access to unlimited learning materials. They can opt for self-study and self-test.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft offers the best quality video lecture services globally. Our team of excellent video editors, developers, and analysts specialise in creating exceptional video lectures. Our efficient video lectures quickly transform into digital assets.

Our team includes highly skilled and experienced experts. We incorporate high-end technology to provide seamless video lectures. Our customer service team assists clients 24*7.

Types of Video Lectures Services

Acadecraft ensures an interactive learning experience for learners. Our services include:

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Video Recording and Streaming

Our video lectures are simple and user-friendly. We offer fully scheduled classroom recordings with smart input detection. Learners can access them offline and online. Our lectures are mobile-friendly too.

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Video Learning and Engagement

Our highly skilled team is an expert in developing engaging video lectures. Learners seeking for active learning can take part in live discussions. We provide classroom videos, presentations, and digital notes for effective learning.

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Video Management

Learners can easily download study materials from the library. Our video lectures are fully automated. The LMS button integrates well with major cloud platforms. And the automatic speech recognition feature automatically transcribes the videos.

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Video Analytics

Our video lectures come with the instructor’s dashboard, which updates over time. Since our videos contain an analytic dashboard, clients get real-time learning activities on student learning behaviours.

Our Clients

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Corporate Training

We provide video solutions to clients overseas. Our experts include all the necessary training elements in video lectures. We ensure proper training of employees at cost-effective rates.

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E-Learning Platforms

Acadecraft collaborates with various e-learning platforms to provide quality video lectures. These platforms need e-learning videos that meet the learning objectives of learners.

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Educational Institutes

We deliver top-notch video lectures to educational institutes globally. Such lectures are the aid for learners who need additional support for learning. Our study materials are accessible 24*7.

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How it Work?

Acadecraft undergoes an efficient work process to develop seamless video lectures. At first, we understand the client's requirements. Then our quality team proceeds with the requirements based on current needs. Our captions make the classes more convenient and accessible. With assessments, we determine how many learners are understanding the video lectures. Our backend classroom manager manages the progress of the leaners. After a complete quality analysis by our experienced quality analysts , we deliver the final video to our clients.

In simple words, our workflow includes captioning, subtitling, assessment, functioning, and testing.

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