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Key Issues

According to specified standards and guidelines, higher education institutes adhere to maintaining strict quality control of education, both internally and externally. Apart from other things, what assures the internal quality in a university or institute is the quality of learning resources. Maintaining the state of higher education content is a time-consuming process and requires individual efforts at multiple levels. To ensure quality content, one must be mindful of plagiarism, incorrect information, grammatical errors, and much more.

Educational institutes look for services that can help them check and maintain their content quality for a long time. However, locating such services across all education fields is difficult, and most services lack reliability, subject knowledge, skill, and the trade's legal know-how, wasting the client's time and resources.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a skilled team of subject matter experts and quality analysts that guarantees the best professional quality check services in the UK. We quality check content across varied academic disciplines fields and educational levels. Our team has worked on multiple challenging projects and assured complete client satisfaction worldwide. Our quality checking services include identifying and resolving grammatical and punctuation errors, detecting plagiarism, and checking facts. Our multilayered quality check services require us to scan and amend the content in many ways while abiding by the client's curriculum pattern and course design.

Types Of Quality Check Services

Some of our quality check services are

Professional quality check services provider
Professional Proofreading Services

At Acadecraft, we offer the best proofreading services with our SMEs who have years of experience across numerous study disciplines. They deliver accurate and concept-specific academic editing and proofreading services worldwide. It includes correcting grammatical errors, analyzing the reliability of facts and statistics, and ensuring proper information structuring. Alongside, our professional proofreading services also include plagiarism check and confirming the legitimacy of the referenced material.

Professional quality check services provider in UK
Online Fact-Checking

Acadecraft is adept at delivering online fact-checking assistance on-time and with precision. Our widely experienced team enables us to provide our services across various disciplines like politics, academics, scientific research, medical advancements, and lifestyle genres like food, entertainment, art, gadgets, and more. Our main motive behind this service is to eliminate false information and make real knowledge available to our clients, which can benefit them in their endeavours. We rely on appropriate primary and secondary resources to ensure the factual accuracy of the content.

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E-book Testing

Our E-book testing services emphasise the placement of images, charts, graphics, and other additional information apart from text included in the e-book. The overall design, layout, and compatibility of the e-book on different devices and applications are also checked. We also suggest modifications related to the content, assure its reliability and improve readability.

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Rights and Permission

Our team of experts handle the legal permissions related to textual and other forms of representations. After extensive research, they develop the best suggestions concerning content publishing for higher education, including obtaining and administering consent, eliminating plagiarism, and much more.

Our Clients

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We guarantee high-quality content across a wide range of concepts and study disciplines to our clients associated with E-learning. Whether it is an E-book, a pdf assignment, or a video, we check every product's quality before delivering it to our client.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft helps several educational institutions with guaranteed optimal quality check services for higher education content in books, magazines, journals, videos, and much more across all fields of study.

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Our services are directed to various leading publishers from several industries who create higher education content. We help them identify and rectify grammatical errors, language irregularities, and formatting anomalies.

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How It Works

Acadecraft assures optimal quality and timely delivery of services through its strict and collaborative workflow.

First, we collaborate with the client and understand their requirements. Then we identify the problem areas and execute the changes. Finally, our quality analysts review our work to ensure accuracy.

Hence, in our six-step workflow, we collaborate, understand, identify, execute, review and deliver.

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