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Acadecraft is a leading eLearning company delivering the best assessment papers that address the specific needs of the client’s learners.
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Key Issues

Assessments are an important part of any learning process. But, the quality of assessments is also very important. The questions should test the deeper understanding and creativity of the learners. Otherwise, the normal memory-based questions will never be able to access the gaps in learning.

That is why the institutions are now looking for service providers who offer conceptual assessment questions. And with the growth in digital learning, the need for computer-based assessment is also growing. The client institutions nowadays need service providers who can offer customised digital assessments that are innovative, engaging, and test the learners' creativity.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we deliver assessments that test the learners' creativity, understanding, and thinking skills. Our assessments are based on five basic principles: Practicality, Doability, Relevance, Heterogeneity, and Reliability. The client’s learners can easily understand the questions and relate them to their everyday life experiences. It helps them to implement their ideas better. Hence, our clients can assess how their learners are implementing academic learning in real-life situations using our assessment services.

We provide plagiarism-free assessments that map the client’s learning objectives. Our customised assessments are 100% accurate and relevant. Our proficient team of quality analysts and senior subject matter experts ensures that our assessments meet all the relevant guidelines. With Acadecraft, you get on-time delivery and 24x7 support for the best-in-the-market assessment development services.

Types of Assessment Development Services

We deliver all forms of assessment items to satisfy the varied needs of our clients. Some of our services are discussed below.

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MCQ-Based Assessments

Our multiple-choice questions present the problem in a very comprehensive language. The options are non-confusing, with a single clear answer. We curate MCQ questions of different patterns, like HOTs, Assertion Reason, and others.

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Constructed Response Assessments

In constructed response assessment, the learners need to create their answers based on their understanding of the concepts. We develop constructed response assessments that are relevant, solvable, engaging and enjoyable.

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Descriptive Assessments

In these assessments, the client’s learners need to write descriptive answers for the given questions. We customise the layout and style of questions according to the clients' needs. We deliver everything with expertise, from essay-type questions to short-answer-type questions.

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Evidence-Based Assessments

Evidence-based assessments present real-life cases in front of the students and ask them to solve them based on their academic learning. Such assessments are gaining great popularity in the current times. We ensure to adhere to the guidelines while developing them strictly.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft offers customised assessment papers, monthly tests, and terminal examinations for class tests. We customise the papers based on our clients' question layout, marking scheme, and guidelines.

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ELearning Companies

We offer unique online assessment solutions for eLearning companies. Our clients can use our computer-based assessment tools for conducting the assessments. We also offer game-based assessments and TEIs.

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Tutorial Homes

Acadecraft offers assessment papers to tutorial homes regularly. We deliver chapter-based assessments, topic-based assessments, home assignments, and many other assessment services to our clients.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we believe in addressing the specific needs of clients. Hence, we first connect with our clients for a detailed discussion. After discussion, our research analysts thoroughly research the academic trends and curriculum guidelines in detail. Our subject matter experts developed the assessment papers based on the research results. Once the assessment papers are ready, our QC analysts check the questions' quality, accuracy, originality, and relevance. The assessments that pass our QC check successfully are delivered to our clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, research, develop, check, and deliver Singapore's best assessment development services.

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