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Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Quality Check Services For Clients

Acadecraft offers editing, proofreading, plagiarism, and several other quality check services to K12 organisations, publishing houses, and other clients.
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Key Issues

Quality check is a critical aspect of publishing any educational content. The content must be free from any grammar and spelling mistakes, wrong facts, and other content anomalies. For reasons, educational content developers require professional quality check service providing companies that deliver fast and accurate services.

Editing and proofreading educational content require professional expertise. Many services provider companies may have quality editors but often lack subject matter experts. They often fail to identify anomalies in the range. Checking plagiarised content and copyrights issues is essential for educational quality checks. The service providers usually skip these processes, which later leads to inconvenience for the clients.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading e-learning and editorial service provider company in Singapore. We have a large panel of subject matter experts, experienced editors, and proofreaders who collaborate to deliver the most accurate quality check services. We check grammar, spelling, sentence formation, fact-checking, plagiarism checking, and copyright checking for the clients. Acadecraft delivers quality check services for all the major K12 subjects in Singapore. In addition, we provide services in multiple languages. We offer online as well as offline content quality checking.

Our subject matter experts have an in-depth knowledge of the subjects. They effortlessly identify any anomaly or questionable content. They offer constructive feedback to our clients to rectify the areas and develop more meaningful and relevant content. Apart from these, our curriculum experts analyse the client’s content to check if they align with the prescribed curriculum. Our clients can modify the products accordingly.

Our services are fast, affordable, and highly reliable. We have sufficient resources and full-time experts, and hence we are equipped to handle large projects. Acadecraft always believes in offering long-term commitment with full-time support to clients.

Types of Quality Check Services

Acadecraft covers all the areas of quality checking to deliver the most appropriate content to clients. Our services include:

Professional content quality check services

Our experienced editors check grammar, punctuations, spellings, sentence formations, acceptability, and several aspects of content. They correct the content accordingly to ensure that the final content is entirely error-free.

Professional content quality check services provider

Our proofreading team contains language experts and subject matter experts. They minutely check the grammar and verify all the subject-related facts and information stated in the content. They notify the inappropriate and questionable content to the clients.

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E-book Testing

Our e-book testing experts test the e-books minutely to check their layout, readability, UI performance, and several aspects. We use multiple software like kindle previewer, adobe digital editions, and various other software alongside expert-delivered testing services.

Professional content quality check services company
Plagiarism Checking

We check the content using multiple plagiarism tools and highlight the plagiarised portions. In addition, our experts also suggest ways to modify the same. Our clients can use the reports to avoid any significant plagiarism issue without affecting the essence of the information.

Professional content quality check services company
Copyrights and Permission Check

We thoroughly check the content to identify any questionable and plagiarised content that may suggest copyright or permission breach. We then check the copyright status of the source content from which the client’s content got matched. We modify or delete contents if necessary.

Professional content quality check services company
Readability Checking

We ensure that the educational content is understandable to our client’s readers. It is one of the crucial reasons we check the relevance of the content and make sure they align with the prescribed curriculum. We also analyse the difficulty level of the language used.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Companies

The e-learning industry requires quality check services for their study materials regularly. Acadecraft offers continual and full-time editing, proofreading, and other quality check service to clients at an affordable rate.

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft offers multiple editorial services to the publishing houses, including copyediting, proofreading, cover, and interior page designing, among others. We provide both online and offline services to our clients.

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft offers expert-guided curriculum development, textbook development, quality check, worksheets, practice papers, assessment development, and other client educational institutions.

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How It Works?

We first have a detailed project discussion with the clients. It helps us to understand the complete requirements of the clients. After knowing the needs, we assign the project to a specialist quality check team. The team members study the details of the project and start working on it. Our copyeditors first check and rectify errors in the content. Then, our proofreaders and subject matter experts check the accuracy of the facts and other anomalies. After this step, our plagiarism checkers identify the plagiarised sections and pass the report to the copyright checkers. Our copyright checkers evaluate the risky contents and suggest changes. Then, we request our clients to accommodate the changes or rectify the content ourselves, as instructed by our clients. Once the product is entirely error-free, appropriate, and authentic, we deliver it to our clients.

We discuss, understand, check, edit, proofread, identify, rectify the plagiarised and copyrighted content. We finally deliver the error-free and risk-free product to the clients.

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