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Affordable Curriculum Development Services by Experienced and Certified Experts

Acadecraft is a leading educational service provider offering expert-curated curriculums for the K12 levels in Singapore.
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Key Issues

Educational institutions and e-learning companies often search for professional curriculum development companies to design customised curricula for their needs. However, many service providers fail to find a balance between the needs of clients and the prescribed curriculum guidelines, so they add too many topics or miss out on some relevant content, leading to the development of an ineffective curriculum.

The service providers often lack experienced curriculum researchers who can identify the changes required. So, they develop outdated curricula and fail to upgrade them regularly. In addition, the curriculum must contain adequate assessments, learning activities, and collaborative exercises. But, many service providers may not include sufficient scope for such activities. So, it becomes difficult for the clients to assess their learners continuously.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced SMEs and curriculum researchers who design efficient and interactive curricula for K12 education in Singapore. We cover more than forty-five K12 subjects, including Science, Maths, Humanities subjects, and multiple languages. Our experts develop customised curricula for both offline and online education. These expert-curated curricula efficiently mix various latest guidelines with the client’s requirements. So, the curriculum covers all the relevant topics.

The curriculum developers include sufficient scope for assessment in the form of interactive and collaborative learning activities formative and summative exams. It helps our clients to monitor their learner’s performance. Our curriculum researchers regularly research the curriculum and update the necessary changes. Our services are incredibly affordable and delivered within deadlines. We provide full-time services to our clients.

Type of Curriculum Designing Services

Acadecraft develops curricula for traditional as well as online learning. Some of our services include:

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Subject-Centred Curriculum

The subject matter experts of Acadecraft develop appropriate subject-centered curricula for all the major K12 subjects in Singapore. The curriculum includes appropriate activities and assessments. Our experts follow experimental and experiential patterns for science and maths curriculum development. We develop progressive subject-based curricula for all the K12 education levels. It ensures a step-by-step increment of the difficulty levels.

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Learner-Centred Curriculum

Our experts develop fully customised learner-centred curricula to meet specific learning objectives of the client’s learners. These curricula are scientifically designed to ensure a proper understanding of all the topics. Our experts first analyse the learning trends to identify the weak points of the client’s learners. They then develop a suitable curriculum that the clients can use to help their potentially vulnerable learners improve their performance in complex subjects at their own pace.

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Problem-Centred Curriculum

The problem-centred curriculum is highly effective for scientific and technical education. Our experts develop efficient and engaging problems. They also suggest logical situations that seem interesting to clients’ learners. Working on such issues and conditions helps develop the client's learners' understanding, reasoning, thinking, and solution-deriving abilities. We maintain a definite pattern of problems and activities and hence cover all the relevant topics.

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E-Learning Curriculum

Online education requires a bit different approach from traditional learning. It is imperative to develop a flexible curriculum that can suit a large consumer base. Acadecraft’s online curriculum development experts understand the client’s requirements and develop an appropriate curriculum to cover the topics lucidly. They are flexible enough to match the pace of the client’s learners. We ensure that our clients can effectively monitor their learner’s progress through interactive activities.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers curriculum development, study material development, worksheet development, practice papers, and other services to educational organisations. Our services are affordable, regular, and continuous.

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E-learning Industry

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning service provider offering online study material development, assessment development, tutoring and homework help services, and proficient curriculum development services with 24x7 support.

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Publishing Houses

The publishing houses often require rigorous curriculums for textbook development. Acadecraft offers curriculum development services at an affordable rate to clients. In addition, we also provide multiple editorial services to publishing houses.

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How It Works?

Our curriculum development experts first connect with our clients to understand their complete requirements. After receiving the instructions, our SMEs and curriculum researchers conduct thorough research to collect all the relevant subject-related and project-related information. We then start developing the project. Once the curriculum is ready, we request our clients' review and test. If the clients are satisfied with the curriculum, we deliver the project. However, if modifications are required, we provide instant transformation based on the client’s suggestions.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, research, develop, review, modify, and deliver the most suitable curriculum for our clients.

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