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Key Issues

Educational documents stand apart from novels, articles, or blog posts. Therefore, editing such documents need appropriate curriculum knowledge and top-notch language skills. An editor cannot make a minute error while copyediting such a document. Therefore, educational institutions must look for experienced copyeditors before publishing.

However, the real challenge lies finding an editor with all the requisites. An educational copyeditor must master technical and general language. From grasping curriculums of different grade levels to the number of working years, he must have experience of all!

How Can Acadecraft Help?

The copyeditors in Acadecraft hone their skills daily to maintain their edge in the editing industry. Our copyeditors are experienced, skilled, motivated, and possess astute grammatical skills. We offer certified copyediting services, ensuring an eagle’s eye for each word and sentence. Our copy editors are masters of critical thinking and layout ways for writers to rectify their mistakes. Our editors decide the language style after researching the client’s requirements. Our editors edit grade-specific interactive documents. We ensure improved ROI, better learner engagement, and 24x7 help!

Types of Copy Editing Services

Acadecraft believes in outcomes! Therefore, we guarantee flawless services.

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Line Editing

Line editing or substantive editing assesses a document (on-print or on-screen) as a whole. Our line editors at Acadecraft evaluate and edit content considering its tone, accuracy, consistency, clarity, and overall effectiveness. Our academic paper editing service is dependable because we don't work without prior research of the publication's overall formation and the document's intended use.

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Content Refreshing

Many academic books and papers need refreshing because of the outdated tone of voice and non-updated information, among many reasons. Design of digital content from print documents demands refreshing and crisp editing. Our content refreshing team invigorates pieces of information to facilitate easy and interactive learning. We refresh content according to the venture's demand and scope, keeping in mind your budget and making it cost-effective.

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Acadecraft’s proofreaders are proficient in grammar, punctuation, and academic language styles. Along with checking the grammatical accuracy of written content, they also check for spelling, capitalisation, formatting, and punctuation. Even though many educational service providers neglect this step, proofreading is vital because a single error can cause the reader to question the credibility of your work. It is always recommended to get your content proofread by a professional proofreader provider like Acadecraft. Our proofreading experts are fluent in the rules and mechanics of grammar.

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Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysts at Acadecraft Singapore analyses sentences, paragraphs, whole documents, and the format of clauses. Our analysts are proficient in multiple languages and conduct a semantic analysis of texts. We even deal with the otherwise coded meanings and convert them into easily understandable texts. Our semantic analysts are familiar with lexical pecking order, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. We pay particular attention to concepts like connotation and collocation, which refer to the exact combination of terms that can be found in or accompany a single phrase, such as idioms, metaphors, and similes.

Our Clients

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We provide impeccable copy editing services to all e-learning clients. We offer only our clients the best solutions with a sharp eye for new technologies and digital platforms and experience in identifying vulnerabilities.

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Our e-learning copy editing services include rectifying the flaws of any text before publishing. We offer publishing houses that need copy editing solutions and copy evaluations. Our team handles editing projects for all languages, subjects, and educational levels.

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Online Tutoring

Acadecraft edits online tutoring solutions by evaluating teaching materials and editing them to make speeches more effective and reciprocal. We meticulously assign specialised solutions to check for errors and dull language styles.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, our copy editing projects go through a step-by-step process to eliminate errors and deliver a seamless learning experience.

We first understand our clients' requirements, research their overall presence, design a blueprint of the required steps to ensure accuracy, proofread the given documents, and then edit. After completing these processes, the edited material goes to the QA team for further scrutiny before delivering it to the clients.

Hence, we understand, research, design, proofread, edit, scrutinise before delivery.

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