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Acadecraft is a reputed eLearning service provider supported by a decade long experience of providing ground-breaking solutions and technical assistance to eLearning and knowledge management clients worldwide.
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Our Journey

Acadecraft is the fastest growing e-learning content development company providing accurate, innovative and customised assessment development, copyediting, curriculum development, typesetting, localisation, online tutoring services worldwide. Achieving this degree of trust and professionalism would have been impossible without our highly talented and enthusiastic team of subject matter experts (SMEs), content developers, copyeditors, editors, alt-text writers, proofreaders, online tutors, instructional designers, localisation professionals and assessment development experts.

We take pride in projecting ourselves as a leading e-learning content development company serving an impressive range of industry sectors in the UK and worldwide. Our in-house team continuously supports us to deliver results beyond expectations. We are an ISO certified company with a headcount of over 350 employees. We are available for our clients around the globe, round the clock, with interrupted e-learning services and solutions.

Our Expertise

Acadecraft has expertise in delivering quick-witted, customised, and technology-driven e-learning solutions to empower our client across all industry sectors. We provide personalised solutions for every client that meets their business objectives and organisational goals. The teams at Acadecraft keep themselves updated with all the latest technologies and ideas to deliver improvised and modern services for all project types.

Our Highlights

Acadecraft guarantees optimal service delivery and impactful consultations.

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On-Time Delivery
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Driven delivery approach to avoid latency.
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Partner with clients
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Partner with us to gain real ROI
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Complete Transparency
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Assured Confidentiality
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Honest and true to stakeholders, clients, employees, and vendors
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Trust and Teamwork
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High performance with collaborative deliverables
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Exceptional Quality
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Team of experts and specialists
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Cost-effective Delivery Solutions
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Planning, creating and executing using modern methods to expedite production.

Why Is Acadecraft Involved In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Acadecraft believes in giving back to society through honest-efforts and unique initiatives. We wish to add value to the country's economy and society in all our endeavours. Being an eLearning company, we always encourage child welfare programs, conduct training and education programs. We also promote digital literacy through basic computer training, host health and hygiene awareness campaigns, fund non-profitable organisations and implement environment-friendly policies.

Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Employee Benefits

Our employees gain a wide range of work experience and reliability for being a reputed and trusted organisation with a good brand identity and image. They get positive reviews from clients for their high-quality services and get the opportunity to serve society through social responsibility campaigns.

For Society Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

Society Benefits

Acadecraft's CSR solutions help societies solve every day but vital problems that hinder the lifestyle of many. It is a practical and conscious way of giving back to society from which we have only taken. It also creates unique opportunities for the interaction of corporate societies and masses so that people are always reminded of their humble beginnings and humanity.

For Businesses Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses Benefits

CSR activities help businesses build a positive brand image, trust and impact. These programmes improve the company's reputation among its competitors and clients. The government also appreciates a business's efforts in community development initiatives and awards them with various incentives.

Supporting NGOs Acadecraft Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting NGOs

A corporate company can fund various non-profitable organisations that help bring about societal change. It is one of the easiest and most secure ways of delivering quick results that promote society and humanity's welfare. Businesses may associate with domestic or international NGO's. They can choose to support a variety of issues of focus on one more extensive issue.

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